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FIFA Women’s World Cup Prize Money 2023

FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 Prize Money

One of the most significant events in female soccer is the FIFA Women’s World Cup. The world’s top national teams fight for the prized trophy in this event, which is held every four years.

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup will play from 20 July to 20 August 2023 in New Zealand and Australia. This article will dive into the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 prize money and its impact on women’s football.

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Prize Money

Despite the women’s world cup being started in 1991, FIFA set to distribute the prize money was the first time in the 2007 World Cup. The Women’s World Cup prize fund has increased steadily over the years.

In 2007 the total fund was $5.8m, which started growing each season and reaching up to $30m in 2019. Recently, FIFA President Gianni Infantino revealed that the $110 total prize money will be split in the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

The recent report by FIFA about the prize money for the Women’s World Cup 2023 has brought excitement to players. The new Prize distribution model represents a major step toward achieving gender equality in Soccer.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino expressed his optimism, stating, “The globalsalary of women’s professional footballers is about $14k per year, so the amounts allocated under this unprecedented new distribution model will have a real and meaningful impact on the lives and careers of these players.”
This statement highlights the increased payout’s significance and will affect female athletes’ lives.
Global union FIFPro also commended FIFA’s commitment to equal conditions and guaranteed per-player performance compensation, emphasizing the collective action taken by over 150 national team players.
This achievement is a testament to the power of unity and advocates for a better future for female players.

Compared to Men’s Payout

This prize fund is much less than the men’s world cup 2022 payout split. In the FIFA World Cup 2022, the total $440m prize fund was split among the teams.

This $110 million prize money is three times greater than the previous season’s payout of $30 million. FIFA President also reports that they are trying to remove the gender gap and pay equal purse till 2027.

Infantino hit the bidders because they were giving 100 times less for the streaming rights to the Women’s event than for the Men’s, even though FIFA has not yet sold the live-streaming rights for the contest.

Payout For Players

According to the new model, FIFA has committed that every Women’s World Cup player gets a prize of $30k. As teams progress in the contest, the payout will increase, and the winning team will get a sum of $270k per player.
Stage Payout
Winners $30K
Finalists $60K
Third-Place $90K
Fourth-Place $165K
Quarter Final $180K
R16 $195K
Group Stages $270K

Payout For Teams

FIFA has allocated higher financial rewards to the participating federations. This increase aims to promote the growth and development of women’s football at the national level.
The team who wins the World Cup will receive $4.3m, a  rise from the previous allocation of $4m.
Stage Payout
Winners $4.3m
Finalists $3m
Third-Place $2.61m
Fourth-Place $2.45m
Quarter Final $2.18m
R16 $1.87m
Group Stages $1.56m

FIFA Women’s World Cup Prize Money 2019

Stage Prize Money
Winners $4m 
Runner-up $2.6m
3rd Place $2.1m
4th Place $1.6m
Quarter-finalists $1m
R16 $750k
Group stage $500k
Total Payout $30m

FIFA Women’s World Cup Prize Money History

Year Total Payout Winner Runner-up
2023 $110m TBC TBC
2019 $30m $4m $2.6m
2015 $15m $2m $1.4m
2011 $7.5m $1.5m $1m
2007 $5.8m $1m $800k


The allocation of FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Prize Money signifies a momentous leap forward for gender equality in football.
FIFA’s commitment to providing fair and big rewards to players at all stages of the tournament reflects a progressive mindset. This historic change will have a positive and lasting impact on the lives and careers of female athletes.
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