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Adam Schenk Net Worth, Career Earnings, Salary, Sponsors And Contracts

Adam Schenk Net Worth

Golf, often dubbed the gentlemen’s game, is a sport that has produced many best golfers. In professional golf, few names shine as bright as Adam Schenkl. With his golf prowess and big fan, it’s natural to know about Adam Schenk net worth.

Early Life

Name Adam Schenk
Age 31 years old
Date of Birth 26-Jan-92
Birthplace Vincennes, Indiana
Profession Golfer
Height 188 cm
Weight 86 kg
Nationality American

On 26 January 1992, in Vincennes, Indiana, Adam Schenkl was born. From a young age, he exhibited a strong interest in sports, mainly golf. Later it becomes his passion and path to gain fame.

Adam’s height is 188 cm, his weight is 86 kg, and he has strong physical and mental fortitude on the golf course.

At Purdue University, he won the golf competition two times as a beginner by playing for his college team. In 2015, Schenkl started his journey to become a professional golfer. In 2018, Schenkel’s earned his 2018-19 PGA Tour card.

In October 2021, Schenk led the Shriners Children’s Open after 54 holes for the first time in his PGA Tour by a single shot.

Adam Schenk Net Worth 2023

Schenkl’s net worth is $5 million In 2023. This financial success proves his skill, dedication, and distinction in golf society.

Adam Schenk Career Earnings

In 2023, Adam Schenk has already achieved significant milestones, earning $1.24 million. His average annual salary is $1.18 million. His best year earnings came in the 2018-19 season when he amassed $1.25 million. 

Year Contest Played Earnings
2021-22 28 $1.24 million
2020-21 33 $1.1 million
2019-20 24 $678k
2018-19 31 $1.25 million
2017-18 28 $474k
Total 144 $4.75 million

Adam Schenk Sponsors

Among his sponsors are the Illiana Watermelon Association and XPT. He actively advocates for the well-being of watermelon growers, shippers, and packers in Indiana and Illinois.

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Who is Adam Schenk Sponsored By?

Illiana Watermelon Association and XPT are the sponsors of Adam Schenk.

What Are Adam Schenk’s Total Career Earnings?

The total career earnings of Adam Schenk is $4.7 million.

How Much Does Adam Schenk Make Per Year?

Adam Schenk has earned $1.1 million per year.

What is the Average Annual Salary of Adam Schenk?

The average earnings of Adam Schenk per year is $1.18 million.

When Was Adam Schenk’s Highest Payout in a Year?

The best earnings year of Adam Schenk is 2018-19. This year, his earnings were $1.25 million.

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