MLB World Series: An Overview of the Last 120 Years & What’s Ahead

MLB World Series

The World Series is one of the biggest global sporting spectacles. The entirety of America is gripped with the occasion, while audiences worldwide tune in to each game.

Given that there have been 120 editions of baseball’s biggest event, it is not hard to understand why it has become such a phenomenon around the planet.

The Origins of the MLB World Series?

To fully appreciate the fact that there have been 120 editions of the World Series, it is always wise to look at the origins of this sporting spectacle and work out if the foundation and formula for its success today were possible to spot in its earliest editions.

The first World Series took place in 1903 and saw the Pittsburgh Pirates and Boston Americans compete. The latter of the two teams – who are the Boston Red Sox today – were the inaugural winners, as they were five-three winners in a series that featured a best-of-nine format.

The first four games would see the series tied 2-2, but the Americans would win the next three in a row to seal the first victory.

The iconic Cy Young – who later had an award named in his honour for today’s best pitchers – and Bill Dinneen were the standouts of the premier World Series and have had their names etched in baseball folklore for eternity.

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Significant crowds were in attendance for the entire series at Boston’s Huntington Avenue Grounds and Exposition Park in Pittsburgh, suggesting that the league was on to a winner with the format.

Interest Continued to Grow With Each Year

The interest in the games held in 1903 was significant and apparent, as there were not enough tickets to accommodate all the fans who wanted to watch. This interest did not dwindle with each later edition, as tickets remain like gold dust.

Since then, TV broadcasters have continued to try to showcase the game annually, with many watching it while simultaneously enjoying other forms of entertainment. Some have held viewing parties, while others have placed bets on the game using the MLB odds that are available at the time.

With how far online sports betting has come, punters can explore numerous options, whether at the batting or pitching mound.

Sportsbooks are already offering bettors the chance to keep tabs on the latest odds made available on the next winner of the World Series, with punters able to start making their early predictions ahead of the upcoming campaign.

Will the Texas Rangers go back-to-back and become a two-time winner? Will the Arizona Diamondbacks exact revenge and get their hands on the trophy? Or will the New York Yankees extend their total tally of championships to 28?

What Will the Future of the MLB World Series Look Like?

The MLB already appears to have been able to create an incredible product in terms of the World Series, with its 120-year history being a prominent factor in its success.

However, in this day and age, fans are continuing to demand even more and want newer experiences. This can be a challenge and is something the league needs to consider, as they know they need to provide their fanbase with the very best they can with each edition.

There is a necessity for this very popular league to take action and make the World Series more appealing, perhaps through interactivity or engagement. TV audiences were still relatively strong in numbers, but there is no denying that they were on the decline, too.

According to figures, around 12 million watched in 2022, which fell to below 10 million (9.11 on average) for 2023.

They need to stop the downward trend and retain the interest as much as possible, which can be done through diversification. The league showed they had a content strategy in place for the previous edition of the event.

Still, it will be interesting to see how far it has developed and continues to evolve for the 121st edition and those that follow.

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