World Baseball Classic Prize Money 2023

World Baseball Classic Prize Money

The WBC 2023 will play from March 7 to March 31 in Japan, Taiwan, & the USA. The last time competition was held in 2017 and was won by the United States. In the 2023 tournament, a total of 20 teams will fight for the title. The 2023 World Baseball Classic Prize Money has been announced.

World Baseball Classic Prize Money 2023

The 2023 World Baseball Classic total prize money is $14.4 million.

Standings No. of Teams Prize Money Total Purse
Winners 1 $1m $1m
Championship Game 2 $500k $1m
Semi-Finalists 4 $500k $2m
Quarter Finalists 8 $400k $3.2m
Pool Winners 4 $300k $1.2m
Participants 20 $300k $6m
Total Payout $14.4m

How Much Will Winning Team Get Prize Money?

The winner of the World Baseball Classic 2023 will receive a stunning amount of $1 million prize share from the total prize pool.

While the $1 million prize share will be split among the 2 teams of the Championship Game. Each team of the Championship Game will earn $500k prize money.

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How Much Will the 3rd & 4th Teams Get Prize Share?

A $2 million prize pool has been set for the four semi-finalist teams. Each team of the semi-finalist teams will receive $500k prize money.

A $3.2m prize share has been set for the eight quarter-finalist teams. Every team of the quarter-finalists will put a $400k prize share in his pockets.

How Much Will Pool Winning Teams Get Prize?

From the total prize money of the WBC, the Pool winning teams will get a $1.2 million prize share. The Pool winning prize money will distribute among the four teams, and each team will get a $300k prize.

How Much Will Participant Teams Get Prize Money?

The $6 million prize share will distribute among the 20 teams who have participated in the WBC 2023. Each participant team will earn a $300k prize share.

Will the Champion of the WBC 2023 Get a Trophy?

A big silver trophy will give to the champion team as their prize.

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