Scottish Premiership Prize Money 2023

Scottish Premiership Prize Money

The Scottish Premiership is the biggest football tournament in Scotland. Because of a sponsorship contract, the competition is also known as the Cinch Scottish Premiership. The 10th season of the Scottish Premiership will play in 2023.

The first tournament was held in 2013 after the merger of the Scottish Premier League & Scottish Football League. The Scottish Premiership has 12 clubs in total, and each team plays 38 games. The 2023 Scottish Premiership Prize Money has been announced.

Scottish Premiership Prize Money 2023

The prize money of the Scottish Premiership increased every year. A certain amount of cash is awarded to a total of 12 teams. The total payout for SPFL 2023 is £35 million including TV rights share. The SPFL prize money in the 2022 season was £30m, this year’s prize share is a $5 million increase from last year.

 Standings Team Prize Share TV Revenue Share Each Club Share
Winners Celtic £6m £2.5m 14%
Runner-ups Rangers £4.5m £2.5m 10%
3rd Place Hearts £3.5m 8.5%
4th Place Hibernian £2.5m 7.5%
5th Place Aberdeen £2m 7%
6th Place St. Mirren £2m 6.8%
7th Place Livingston £1.8m 6.5%
8th Place St. Johnstone £1.5m 6%
9th Place £1.45m 5.5%
10th Place £1.4m 5.2%
11th Place £1.3m 5%
12th Place £1.2m 4.5%

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How Much Winning Team Will Earn?

In 2022 winner was receive a £5 million prize pool and £1.5m TV Share. In 2023 winning team will receive a £6 million prize share and also include a TV Revenue Share of £2.5m.

How Much Does Runner-Up Team Will Earn?

Last year the runner-up team received a £3.5 million prize and £1.5m TV share. In 2023, the runner-up will get £4.5 million and also get a TV share is £2.5m.

How Much Will the 3rd & 4th Teams Get?

The 3rd place team will put a £3.5 million prize money in his pockets. The 4th position will receive a £2.5 million prize share.

Scottish Premiership Purse History

Year Prize Share
2019-20 £25 million
2020-20 £25 million
2021-22 £30 million
2022-23 £35 million
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