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FIH Hockey World Cup 2023 Competition Format

FIH Hockey World Cup 2023 Competition Format

Beginning on Jan 13, Odisha will host the 15th Men’s Hockey World Cup. 

Hockey World Cup 2023 Competition Format

Qualified Teams

The event will once again include 16 teams across five confederations. Due to the Oceania Cup 2022 cancelation, Australia and New Zealand progressed automatically. They met the requirements since they were the top two countries in the federation standings.

The other 15 teams who made it here after passing the qualification process were. India also qualified automatically as a host country. 

The European contingent consists of Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, England, France, and Wales. South Korea, Japan, and Malaysia were the other three Asian teams.

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Chile and Argentina gained entry through the 2022 Pan American Cup, while South Africa returns as the only African participant. All of the spots were chosen through the continental campaigns. 


Plots Teams
1 Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, India, 
2 England, New Zealand, Argentina, Germany  
3 South Korea, Spain, France, Malaysia
4 Chile, Japan, South Africa, Wales


Groups Teams
Group A Argentina, South Africa, Australia, France 
Group B Germany, Japan, Belgium, S. Korea
Group C Malaysia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Chile
Group D Wales, Spain, India, England

What is the Hockey World Cup 2023 Format?

Sixteen teams are split up into four-team pools. The results of one round-robin will determine the rankings. Moreover, the winners from every pool will advance automatically to the quarterfinal. While crossovers will be used to determine the final four teams.

The remaining matches, quarterfinals, semifinals, & finally, the final will proceed as normal. Categorizations that will take place later will figure out the exact place in which a side ends the competition.

The following regulations govern pool categories: Points > Won games > Goal difference > Goals scored > Head-to-head > Field goals.

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What is the Crossovers Format?

One must comprehend the word “Crossovers” to go to the elimination rounds. Crossovers can be compared to the pre-quarterfinals because half the teams have already made up their minds for the following round.

Only in hockey can one witness something like this. The 4 crossover matchups will be made up of the 2nd & 3rd teams from each group.

Crossover games are denoted by the letters C1, C2, etc.

Match Crossover
C2 vs D3 C1
C3 vs D2 C2
A2 vs B3 C3
B2 vs A3 C4

Selecting Rest Positions

Match 33 & Match 36 are made up of the 4th  placed teams in each group and the losers of each crossover. A4 will face Loser C1, B4 will face Loser C2, and so forth throughout the matches.

Losers of each of these contests will play in a one-off loss of Match 33 vs Loser of Match 34 and Loser of Match 35 vs. Loser of Match 36 to determine who finishes in 13th through 16th place.

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The winners will compete against each other once to determine the 9th-12th place classification. The score and margin of victory will determine the order for it.

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