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FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 Records List

FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup Records List

Below is a table of some of the major records and statistics from the Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023.

Men’s Hockey World Cup Records List 2023

Records Numbers/Players/Team
Fastest Goal Scored Nicholas Park (England) and Niklas Wellen (Germany ) 1′
Field Goals Scored 119
First Goal Score By Player Maico Casella 
First Goal Score By Team (Argentina) Against South Africa
First, Hat-trick scored By Player Jeremy Hayward 
First, Hat-trick scored By Team Australia
Goals from Penalty Corners 74
Goals from Penalty Strokes 11
Hat-Tricks Scored 9
Highest Goal Scoring in a Match 14 goals (Netherlands 14-0 Chile)
Most goals scored By Team 14 goals (Netherlands 14-0 Chile)
Most Penalty Corner goals By Team 10 (India)
Top Individual Goal Scorer 7 goals – Jeremy Hayward (AUS)
Total Goals Scored in Tournament 204
Victory by the highest Margin 14 goals (Netherlands 14-0 Chile)

FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup Records List

Most Successful Team in Hockey World Cup History

The most successful team in Hockey World Cup is Pakistan, whose hockey team has won 4 championships in 14 competitions.

3 of the first 5 Hockey World Cups were won by Pakistan in 1971, 1978, and 1982. Their most recent victory occurred in 1994 in Australia. Pakistan also came in second place in 1975 & 1990.

Australia (1986, 2010, 2014) and the Dutch (1973, 1990, 1998) have each won 3 World Cup championships.

Germany is the only other team to have won the trophy more than once, with victories in back-to-back World Cups in 2002 and 2006.

The other two teams on the list of Hockey World Cup champions are India (1975) & Belgium (2018).

Most Individual Goal Scorer in a Single Hockey World Cup

In Men’s Hockey World Cup 1978, Dutch player Paul Litjens makes 16 goals, It is the most goals a player has ever scored in a single World Cup.

Most Appearances by a Team In Hockey World Cup

The only nations to have competed in all 15 hockey World Cup tournaments are India, the Netherlands, and Spain.

After being disqualified from the 2014 & 2023 tournaments, Pakistan has participated in the last 13 editions. In 2023, England, Australia, & Argentina will all compete in their 14th tournament.

Most Hockey World Cups Hosts by a Country

The Hockey World Cup has taken place in 9 various countries overall. In 2018 and 2023, India made history by being the first nation to host back-to-back men’s hockey World Cups. India has also hosted the World Cup twice, in 2010 and 1982, making it the country with the most hosting appearances overall (4).

Which Team Won Hockey World Cup as a Host Country?

Germany and Netherlands are the only teams that serve as a host of the hockey world cup and also won the tournament.

Biggest Win in Hockey World Cup

Australia beat South Africa 12-0 score in 2010 to record the biggest victory at the hockey World Cup. 2018’s 11-0 victory over China by Australia is ranked second.

Most Goals in a Single Match in Hockey World Cup

In the 1982 Hockey World Cup, Pakistan scored 12 goals over New Zealand, which is the record for the most by a team. With three goals from New Zealand in response, it became the hockey World Cup match with the most goals 15.

Most Goals in Hockey World Cup by a Team

Australia now holds the record for most goals scored at the FIH World Cup with 305 goals in 92 games. With 267 goals, the Netherlands team on the 2nd spot, and Pakistan on 3rd place with 235 goals.

How Much Are the Total Goals Scored in Hockey World Cup?

In total, 2,433 goals were scored in 605 matches across the first 14 World Cups, averaging almost 4 goals per game.

How Many Nations Have Played in the Hockey World Cup?

26 nations have participated in the previous 14 hockey World Cups, playing in at least one game. Hockey World Cup 2023 saw the debuts of Chile and Wales, bringing the total to 28.

Which Team Has Longest Winning Streak in Hockey World Cup?

Pakistan’s record 15-match winning spree, which was set between the 1978 & 1982 World Cups, was broken by Australia’s 11-0 victory over China in 2018. In Hockey World Cup 2010, the Netherlands ended Australia’s winning streak in the 2018 semi-finals. 

Most Matches Wins in Hockey World Cup by Team

Australia had the most victories with 69 matches from 92 games. Australia’s 92 games get almost 107 goals, a remarkable rate of 1.16 goals per match.

Most Hockey World Cup Matches Played

There were a total of 605 games in the 14 seasons. 100 of them have involved The Netherlands, who have taken home 61 victories.

India is in 2nd spot with 95 games played and 40 victories. Pakistan has played 89 games and has won 51 of them.

Most Medals in Hockey World Cup by Team

Australia leads all teams at the hockey World Cup in top places with ten medals. 3 gold, 4 silver, and 2 bronze medals are won by the Netherlands.

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