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FIFA World Cup Trophy History 

FIFA World Cup Trophy History 

FIFA World Cup Trophy History 

The FIFA World Cup trophy for soccer is one of the most iconic prizes in the world of sports. People can also claim it is arguably the most coveted metal after the Olympic gold medal. The World Cup trophy has been displayed in some of the most memorable photos in international football history.

Citra Maradona, who lifted the trophy after victory over West Germany in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, was printed in the mind of almost every football fan.

However, modern football fans may not realize that the World Cup trophy is not always the same. Two different trophies were used in the history of the FIFA World Cup. And we might watch a new trophy design in the future. This feature will show the origin and history of this famous gift.

Jules Rimet Trophy

The Jules Rimet trophy is the first trophy given to the winners of the FIFA World Cup. This FIFA World Cup trophy was given to the winners from 1930 to 1970. The old FIFA World Cup trophy was initially named ‘Victory.’ This FIFA World Cup trophy was identified as the World Cup or Coupe Du Monde during the early years.

However, this trophy changed its name to Jules Rimet Trophy in 1946. This change was in honour of former FIFA President Jules Rimet, who chose to arrange the first FIFA World Cup in 1930. 1954, and died in 1956.

French sculptor Abel Lafleur designed the Jules Rimet FIFA World Cup trophy in 1930. This trophy is 14 inches high (35 cm) and weighs 8.4 lbs (3.80 kg). The famous gift is made of gold-plated silver sterling and has a blue base of the Lazuli Stone layer. This trophy consists of a Nike-winged representation of the Goddess of Greek victory.

The figure of Nike sat in the Eightly Stone Block. Before the 1954 World Cup, this FIFA World Cup trophy base was replaced by a higher version to allow the names of the new winning countries.

The trophy finally retired when Brazil won the World Cup final for the third time in 1970. After their success in Mexico, Brazil was allowed to maintain the trophy permanently, according to the plan set by Jules Rimet.

FIFA World Cup Jules Rimet Trophy Winners

Here, we have made the list of teams that won the Jules Rimet Trophy From 1930 to 1970:

Years Winners
1930 Uruguay
1934 Italy
1938 Italy
1950 Uruguay
1954 West Germany
1958 Brazil
1962 Brazil
1966 England
1970 Brazil

Most Jules Rimet Trophy Winners

Below is the list of teams who won the Jules Rimet Trophy many times

Years Winners Times
1958, 1962, 1970 Brazil 3
1934, 1938 Italy 2
1930, 1950 Uruguay 2
1966 England 1
1954 West Germany 1

Where is the Trophy?

The Jules Rimet trophy has a pretty interesting history. When World War II broke out in 1954, Italy was today’s world champion. So Ottorino Barassi, who is the Vice President of FIFA and President of the Italian Football Federation, took himself to hide a trophy from the grip of the Nazis. Barassi hid the trophy in the shoe box under his bed while the war raged in most of Europe.

The attractive journey of the old trophy did not end there because it was finally stolen several times. The first incident occurred in England ahead of the 1966 World Cup. The Jules Rimet trophy was placed at a public exhibition at Westminster Central Hall on March 20, 1966, when the theft occurred.

However, a week later, the famous gift was found, wrapped in a newspaper under the bush in South London, by a black & white Mongrel Collie named Pickles. Pickles and its owner, David Corbett, continued to attract national fame throughout the British and the world. Corbett received a prize of 3,000 pounds sterling. Until he died in 1973, Pickles was a national celebrity.

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The second theft occurred while the victory trophy was in Brazilian detention. After Brazil received a trophy, in a public appearance in the bulletproof case at the Brazilian Soccer Confederation headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, they believed the gold-plated silver sterling trophy had been melted and sold.

In 1984, the Brazilian Confederation ordered a replica of the Jules Rimet FIFA World Cup trophy by Eastman Kodak. The 4 lb trophy (1.8 kg) of gold was presented to President João Figueiredo at the time.

FIFA World Cup Trophy Evolution II 1930-2018II Historical Collection

FIFA World Cup Trophy

After retiring the Jules Rimet trophy, FIFA needs a new trophy. The Football Government Agency invited proposals and received submissions from fifty-three sculptors from seven countries. Finally, the design of Italian artist Silvio Gazzaniga was chosen by FIFA as their new World Cup trophy.

It was produced by Bertoni, Milano – Milan -based trophy and medal producers, in 1971. The famous gift only described two human figures holding the earth above their heads. Gazzaniga says, “The lines come out of the base, rise in the spiral, stretching to accept the world. From the extraordinary dynamic tension of the compact body, the statue increased by two athletes at the time of victory.

Is That Solid Gold?

The FIFA World Cup trophy weighs 6,175kg. (13.61 pounds). The weight of the Jules Rimet trophy is 3.80 kilograms (8.38 pounds). Many experts believe the new trophy is empty. According to them, if it is solid gold, the trophy will weigh 70-80 kilograms (150-180 lb) and be too heavy to be appointed by the winning country.

FIFA has framed new rules regarding trophy trophies. Unlike the Jules Rimet trophy, the winning countries and future winners no longer hold the original trophy. Instead, they were given a gold-plated bronze replica provided by FIFA. West Germany was the first country to lift the modern World Cup trophy in 1974.

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FIFA World Cup Trophy Winners List

List of teams who won the World Cup trophy from 1974 to 2018

Year Winners
1974 West Germany
1978 Argentina 
1982 Italy
1986 Argentina
1990 Germany
1994 Brazil
1998 France
2002 Brazil
2006 Italy
2010 Spain
2014 Germany
2018 France

Most World Cup Trophies Winners List

We have created a list of teams that won the most times FIFA World Cup trophies from 1974 to 2018:

Year Winners Times
1974, 1990, 2014 West Germany/Germany 3
1978, 1986 Argentina  2
1982, 2006 Italy 2
1994, 2002 Brazil 2
1998, 2018 France 2
2010 Spain 1

Facts About the World Cup Trophy

Here we have some more exciting facts about the FIFA World Cup trophy:

For the first FIFA World Cup in Uruguay, the Jules Rimet FIFA World Cup trophy was transported by Conte Verde, which departed from Villefranche-Sur-Mer, France, on June 21, 1930. The same boat also brought troops from Europe, Belgium, and Romania.

Following the success of Britain in 1966, the FA has a replica of the Jules Rimet trophy made for use in exhibitions, not the original. However, the English Soccer Association was forbidden by FIFA to do it when the FA returned the original trophy in 1970.

Finally, it was prepared for auction in 1997 with a reserve price of £ 20,000 – £ 30,000.

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