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FIFA Women’s World Cup Awards List

FIFA Women's World Cup Awards List

After Every four years, the Women’s World Cup brings the top National football teams from worldwide to play for the trophy. While the main Goal is to win the tournament, FIFA also gives various awards to players who show exceptional performances.

These honors are given to players, goalkeepers, and teams in appreciation for their outstanding dedication to the game. Here, we discuss all FIFA Women’s World Cup awards that are distributed in the tournament.

FIFA Women’s World Cup Awards List

Golden Ball Award

The Golden Ball Award, regarded as the most valuable individual award, recognizes the overall best Player in the tournament. The award was first given out in the contest in 1991 and is still given out today.

Many of the top athletes in Women’s World Cup history have received the Golden Ball award. Legendary names such as Marta, Birgit Prinz, and Carli Lloyd got this award.

Golden Boot Award

The Golden Boot Award is given to the competition’s top goal scorer. It highlights the Player who has shown fantastic goal-scoring prowess throughout the contest. In a tie, the Player with more assists receives the award.

Past Golden Boot winners include phenomenal players such as Michelle Akers, Marta, and Megan Rapinoe. This award is commercially known as Addidas Golden Boot and first time given in 1991.

Golden Glove Award

The Golden Glove Award represents the tournament’s best goalkeepers and shows their outstanding contributions to their team’s success. Throughout the Women’s World Cup history, goalkeepers like Hope Solo and Nadine Angerer have been honored with the Golden Glove.

FIFA Young Player Award

The Best Young Player award is received to the game’s emerging talents and future stars. It shows the outstanding performances of players aged 21 or below throughout the tournament. The Best Young Player award winners are Marta, Kyah Simon, and Giulia Gwinn, who have showcased their incredible potential at a young age.

Fair Play Award

The Fair Play Award recognizes the team that has exhibited exemplary conduct on and off the field, displaying fair play, respect for the game, and follow to the rules. Teams that have received this esteemed honor include Norway, England, and Japan.

Player of the Match

One of the exciting Women’s World Cup awards, which adds an extra layer of engagement for fans, is the Player of the Match Award. This award is for the outstanding performances of individual players during each match.

The Player of the Match Award is also known as “VISA Player of the Match,” and it is part of the competition since 2003.

All-Time Winners

Player Wins
 Marta 5
 Aya Miyama 5
 Carli Lloyd 5
 Birgit Prinz 4
 Megan Rapinoe 4
 Daniela 3
 Amandine Henry 3
 Nadine Angerer 3
 Homare Sawa 3
 Lieke Martens 3
 Lotta Schelin 3
 Abby Wambach 3

Goal of the Tournament

The Goal of the Tournament award is given to the most skillful Goal scored during the competition. Goals from players like Carli Lloyd, Marta, and Cristiane have been immortalized through this award.

Year Score Player Against
2019  2–0 Cristiane  Australia
2015 4–0 Carli Lloyd  Japan
2011 2–2 Abby Wambach  Brazil
2007 4–0 Marta USA

All-Time Best Goal

Year Score Player Against
2011 2–2 Abby Wambach Brazil
1991 2–0 Michelle Akers-Stahl  Chinese Taipei

Awards No Longer Given

The following five awards are no more given to the players in the Women’s World Cup:

All-Star Squad

The All-Star Squad Award was distributed from 1999 to 2015, this award used to go to the best team of the tournament.

2015 All-Star Team

Karen Bardsley (GK), Hope Solo (GK), Nadine Angerer (GK),  Saori Ariyoshi (DF), Lucy Bronze (DF), Wendie Renard (DF), Steph Houghton (DF), Kadeisha Buchanan (DF), Meghan Klingenberg (DF), Julie Johnston (DF).

Amandine Henry (MF), Aya Miyama (MF), Rumi Utsugi (MF), Carli Lloyd (MF), Megan Rapinoe (MF), Eugénie Le Sommer (MF), Elise Kellond-Knight (MF), Mizuho Sakaguchir (MF), Ramona Bachmann (FW), Anja Mittag (FW), Célia Šašić (FW), Lisa De Vanna (FW), Élodie Thomis (FW).

2011 All-Star Team

Ayumi Kaihori (GK), Hope Solo (GK), Alex Scott (DF), Brazil Erika (DF), Laura Georges (DF), Sonia Bompastor (DF), Saskia Bartusiak (DF), Elise Kellond-Knight (DF).

Jill Scott (MF), Aya Miyama (MF), Homare Sawa (MF), Louisa Necib (MF), Shinobu Ohno (MF), Lauren Cheney (MF), Guinea Genoveva Añonma (MF) Caroline Seger (MF) Kerstin Garefrekes (MF), Abby Wambach (FW), Lotta Schelin (FW), Marta (FW).

2007 All-Star Team

Bente Nordby (GK), Nadine Angerer(GK),  Ane Stangeland Horpestad (DF), Kerstin Stegemann (DF), Li Jie (DF), Ariane Hingst (DF), Kelly Smith (MF), Brazil Formiga (MF), Ingvild Stensland (MF), Renate Lingor (MF), Kristine Lilly (MF), Brazil Daniela (MF), Brazil Cristiane (FW), Brazil Marta (FW), Birgit Prinz (FW), Lisa De Vanna (FW).

2003 All-Star Team

Silke Rottenberg (GK), Wang Liping (DF), Joy Fawcett (DF), Sandra Minnert (DF), Malin Moström (MF), Shannon Boxx (MF), Bettina Wiegmann (MF), Victoria Svensson (FW), Birgit Prinz (FW), Charmaine Hooper (FW), Maren Meinert (FW).

1999 All-Star Team

Year 1999: Briana Scurry (GK), Gao Hong (GK), Carla Overbeck (DF), Brandi Chastain (DF), Wang Liping (DF), Doris Fitschen (DF), Wen Lirong (DF), Zhao Lihong (MF), Liu Ailing (MF), Michelle Akers (MF), Brazil Sissi (MF), Bettina Wiegmann (MF), Mia Hamm (FW), Jin Yan (FW), Sun Wen (FW), Ann Kristin Aarønes (FW).

FANtasy All-Star Team

The FANtasy All-Star Team allowed fans to vote for their best XI player line-up of the contest. It was awarded in 2003.

  • Year: 2003
  • Host: USA
  • Goalkeeper: Briana Scurry
  • Forwards: Mia Hamm, Birgit Prinz, Maren Meinert
  • Midfielders: Bettina Wiegmann, Julie Foudy, Kristine Lilly.
  • Defenders: Sandra Minnert, Juliana, Sharolta Nonen, Charmaine Hooper.

Dream Team

The Dream Team allowed fans to vote for the competition’s best manager and eleven-player line-up. It was awarded in 2015.

  • Year: 2015
  • Host: Canada
  • Manager: Silvia Neid
  • Goalkeeper: Hope Solo
  • Forwards: Anja Mittag, Alex Morgan, Célia Šašić
  • Midfielders: Aya Miyama, Carli Lloyd, Megan Rapinoe
  • Defenders: Kadeisha Buchanan, Julie Johnston, Wendie Renard, Ali Krieger

Players Who Dared to Shine

The Players Who Dared to Shine Award show ten key tournament players who “dared to shine.” It was chosen by the technical study group and awarded in 2019.

  • Year: 2019
  • Host: France
  • Goalkeeper: Sari van Veenendaal
  • Midfielders: Lucy Bronze, Crystal Dunn
  • Defenders: Julie Ertz, Rose Lavelle, Jill Scott
  • Forwards: Sofia Jakobsson, Vivianne Miedema, Ellen White, Megan Rapinoe

Most Entertaining Team

Most Entertaining Team Award goes to the team that kept entertaining the crowd most through the competition. Fans voted on it after the event ended, and it was awarded in 2003 and 2007.

Year Team Host
2003 Germany USA
2007 Brazil China


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