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FIFA Women’s World Cup Fair Play Trophy Winners

FIFA Women's World Cup Fair Play Trophy Winners

Football is not just about scoring goals and winning matches; it also emphasizes fair play, sportsmanship, and respect for the game. In recognition of these values, FIFA awards the Fair Play Trophy to the team that gives exceptional fair play during the event.

This article delves into the history and impact of the Fair Play Trophy in women’s football.

FIFA Women’s World Cup Fair Play Trophy Winners

Over the years, several teams have been honored with the Fair Play Trophy for their exceptional fair play in the contest. Let’s take a look at some of the past winners:

Year World Cup Winners
2023 Australia & New Zealand Japan
2019 France France
2015 Canada France
2011 Germany Japan
2007 China Norway
2003 USA China
1999 USA China
1995 Sweden Sweden
1991 China Germany

England | 2019

England’s team shows outstanding fair play, setting a positive example for future generations.

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France | 2015

France showcased their dedication to fair play and the spirit of the game, leading them to win the Fair Play Trophy.

Japan | 2011

Japan’s spirit of fair play and outstanding conduct on and off the field helped them to win the Fair Play Trophy.

Norway | 2007

Norway’s team displayed great sportsmanship and respect, making them deserving recipients of the Fair Play Trophy.

United States | 2003

Once again, the United States exemplified the values of fair play, securing its third Fair Play Trophy and second trophy in a row.

United States | 1999

The USA shows skill and fair play, solidifying its position as a leading force in the game and winning its second trophy.

Japan | 1995

Japan exhibited remarkable sportsmanship and fair play, earning them the Fair Play Trophy.

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United States | 1991

The United States set the standard by winning the first-ever Fair Play Trophy, demonstrating its commitment to fair play.

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