WTA Finals Prize Money

WTA Finals Prize Money

The WTA Finals, officially known as the GNP Seguros WTA Finals Cancun, was the season-ending championship tournament for the Women’s Tennis Association Tour. It was held from October 29 to November 6, 2023, at Estadio Paradisus in Cancun, Mexico.

The WTA Finals featured the top 8 singles athletes and doubles teams on the WTA Tour based on their ranking points earned throughout the season. The 2023 WTA Finals prize money has been revealed.

WTA Finals Prize Money

The total prize money for the 2023 WTA Finals is $9 million, an increase of 80% from last year. The singles champion will earn $3,024,000, while the doubles winners will earn $648,000.

The Singles Finalist will receive $$1,500,000, and the doubles finalists will take a $648,000 prize. The Single Semifinalist will get a $756,000 prize, and the Doubles semifinalists will receive a $162,000 reward.

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Here is a breakdown of the purse for the 2023 WTA Finals:

Round-Robin Match Win$198,000$50,000
Semi Final Loss$54,000 $9,000
Semi-final Match Win$756,000 $144,000
Final Win$1,476,000 $306,000
Undefeated Champion$3,024,000 $648,000
Total Payout
$9 million

WTA Finals 2022 Prize Money

RankSingles PayoutDoubles Payout
Participation Fee*$110,000$50,000
Round-robin Match Win$110,000$20,000
Semi Final Loss$30,000$0
Semi-final Match Win$420,000$80,000
Final Win$820,000$170,000
Undefeated Champion$1,680,000$360,000

WTA Finals Total Purse History

YearTotal Payout
2023$9 million
2022$5 million
2021$5 million
2020Not Held
2019$14 million
2018$7 million
2017$7 million
2016$7 million
2015$7 million
2014$6.5 million
2013$6 million
2012$6 million
2011$4.9 million
2010$4.5 million
2009$4.5 million
2008$4.5 million
2007$3 million
2006$3 million
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