Top 15 Most Tallest Soccer Players of All Time

Tallest Soccer Players in the world

Soccer is one of the most watched sports in the World, having a worldwide fan following. Fans notice every single detail of their favorite game and players.

So many consider that the player’s height matters in the game’s success. The answer is yes; height does matter, but it’s not the only factor directly affecting success.

Besides this, the player must have tactile awareness, physical fitness, and abilities to play his best. For this reason, you will see a football team with mixed players with various skills and qualities.

Height can give a powerful advantage in soccer, mainly for goalkeepers and central defenders. It allows players to reach higher and cover more ground, making them tough on the field. On the contrary, football teams have taller players than basketball.

In this article, we will show you the World’s tallest soccer players who have created a name in this sport with their great presence.

List of Best Tallest Soccer Players in The World

Here is a list of the Best Tallest Soccer Players in history, showcasing their achievements and contributions.

Nationality Player Ht (cm) Position
Germany Felix Wolf 212 GK
Germany Simon Bloch Jorgensen 210 GK
Belgium Kristof Van Hout 208 GK
Scotland Paul Miller 208 FW
England Kyle Hudlin 206 GK
Czechia Tomáš Holý 206 GK
Denmark Tonny Brogaard 206 FW
Croatia Vanja Iveša 205 GK
China Yang Changpeng 205 FW
Germany Daniel Müller 205 GK
Norway Tor Hogne Aaroy 204 FW
Northern Ireland Jason Mooney 204 GK
Ivory Coast Lacina Traoré 203 FW
Romania Costel Pantilimon 203 GK
Norway Kjell Petter Opheim 203 GK

Note: The height data is taken from Wikipedia and various sources online (June 2023)

1. Felix Wolf

A German goalkeeper, Felix Wolf is the number one tallest soccer player of all time. With an amazing height of 6 feet 11.5 inches, Wolf’s towering presence on the field is truly remarkable.

Felix Wolf

Wolf began his soccer journey in the youth academy of F.C. Energie Cottbus. He showcased his skills playing for their U17 and U19 teams, and he soon played for German clubs like TSV Cottbus and Kunersdorf.

In 2015, Wolf joined Kunersdorf, but his professional soccer career seems to have ended since 2017. Due to the lack of recent records, little is known about Wolf’s current position or activities. Nevertheless, his extraordinary height and early achievements in German youth soccer secured him a place among the tallest football players ever.

2. Simon Bloch J

Simon Bloch J is the tallest soccer player in history, with a height of 6′ 10.5″ ft or 210 cm. He is a Denmark professional goalie for Waltham Abbey. He comes from a footballing family, with his grandfather, Bloch Kristian Petersen, and his uncle, Kaj Hansen, both having played this sport.

Simon Bloch Jørgensen

In November 2016, Bloch left Frem after mutually agreeing to terminate his contract. In August 2020, he joined Waltham Abbey. In the Netherlands, he played the most games with Frem but later showed little action.

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3. Kristof  Van Hout

Kristof van Hout is one of the top three tallest soccer players ever. Kristof is a professional goalkeeper whose height is 6′ 10″ ft or 208 cm. At the beginning of his career, he played with Willem from the Dutch.

In 2022 he started playing with the Lommel Sk Club of the Belgian Pro League. Because he is the tallest goalkeeper, he doesn’t need to jump to stop a corner goal.

Kristof  Van Hout

Before joining this club, he participated in Indian Super League Club Delhi in 2014-15 as a goalkeeper. Despite this, he made three years contract with Standard Liege on 6 August 2009. Kortrijk significantly impacted fans with his extraordinary reach and shot-stopping ability.

4. Paul Millar

Paul Miller was a British sticker and one of the top 5 tallest soccer players. His height was 6’10” or 208 cm. He mostly played with Elgin, a prominent team in the Scottish League Two. He was the most successful footballer between 2010-14 when he played for Elgin City F.C.Paul Millar

Later in 2014-15, he played with Formartine United. He got severe injuries, so he couldn’t perform his best and cooperate with the team. Without his injuries, he could have played more professionally.

5. Kyle Hudlin

Meet Kyle Hudlin, the most considerable force on the soccer field. With an extended height of 206 cm, he stood among the tallest English soccer players.

Kyle Hudlin

This 23-year-old English sensation plays as a center-forward for Solihull Moors FC. With his towering presence, Kyle Hudlin is making waves and redefining what it means to be a standout player in soccer.

6. Tomas Holy

Tomas Holy is the current active tallest soccer player, 206 cm tall. He showcases his skills as a goalkeeper, using his tall body to deny opponents’ shots. Hailing from the Czech Republic, this 29-year-old athlete has made his mark with clubs like Ipswich Town F.C.

Tomas Holy

He joined Gillingham’s football league team in 2017 after he left the Czech club for England. He also played with the Czech national team at U18, U17, and U16. Nowadays, he’s playing with Carlisle United.

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7. Tonny Brogaard

Tonny Brogaard

Tonny Brogaard is also one of the tallest professional soccer players from Denmark. But he was a part of the Ferm football team. He is 206 cm or 6’9″ tall. First, his playing career is concise, and second, he hasn’t performed well. Now he is only remembered because of his tallness.

8. Vanja Ivesa

Vanja Ivesa

He’s a 46 years old Croatian goalkeeper who was playing professionally. He is 6’9″ or 206 cm tall and is one of the tallest soccer players. He’s still Participating in various games happening in his country. Vanja is not at his peak, but still, he is playing due to his outstanding play.

9. Yang Changpeng

He’s Chinese and plays with the Henan Janie team. Yang is 34 years old, at 205 cm or 6’8.5″. This forward player’s nickname is Peter Crouch.

Yang Changpeng

His performance has not impressed the audience, so he’s looking for new opportunities as his career is coming to a close. 

10. Daniel Muller

The next is Daniel Muller from Germany, who is 6’9″ or 205 cm. He always played as a goalkeeper for his team. The only reason his name is on the list of top 10 tallest soccer players is his height.

Daniel Muller goalkeeper

Because his performance records are not that good to remember him. Last time he played with Augsburg in the fourth tier of German soccer.

11. Tor Hogne Aaroy

Tor Hogne Aaroy

Tor started his career in 1985 with his incredible talent. His height is 204 cm or 6’8.5″ ft. In the beginning, he played for some clubs in Norway. In his 242 career appearances, he did 90 goals. With this figure, he’s the 11th tallest player on the soccer field.

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12. Jason Mooney

Jason Mooney

Jason was born in Northern Ireland and played as a goalie for Cliftonville. His height is 204 cm or 6’8.5″ ft, and he is only on the list of tallest footballers in the World because of his height.

His performance didn’t give him top-tier success. You will see him as a goalkeeper in the gaming field.

13. Lacina Traore

Latina, who is famous by the name big tree, is 203 cm or 6’8″ ft tall. His performance was very brilliant throughout his career. He is only 33 years and had a lengthy career.

Lacina Traore

Along with this, he’s a powerful player who gives the opposite team nightmares. Presently, he plays with the Ivory Coast National Football Team. He registered his name in the top 13 tallest soccer players list.

14. Costel Pantilimon

Costel Pantilimon

Costel was born in Romania, so he plays with Romanian National Team. He is 203 cm or 6’8″ ft tall and is a goalkeeper. He caught many goals due to his excellent run and big hands. He’s getting older, but he can play for more years.

15. Kjell Petter Opheim

Kjell Petter Opheim

Kjell is 41 years old with a height of 203 cm or 6’8″ ft and is one of the World’s tallest soccer players. He played very well throughout his career, and he’s mainly remembered for his performance in Norway’s club Stryn football. Along with this, he joined many other clubs also.

Tallest Players in the World Cup

Nikola Žigić, Peter Crouch, Zeljko Kalac, and Jan Koller are the tallest soccer players participating in the World Cup. These are 202 cm tall.

Nationality Player Height World Cup
Serbia Nikola Žigić 202 cm 2006 & 2010
England Peter Crouch 202 cm 2010
Australia Zeljko Kalac 202 cm 2006
Czechia Jan Koller 202 cm 2006
Croatia Lovre Kalinic 201 cm 2018
England Fraser Forster 201 cm 2014
Trinidad & Tobago Dennis Lawrence 201 cm 2006
Belgium Thibaut Courtois 200 cm 2014, 2018

Tallest International Soccer Players

Lacina Traoré and Costel Pantilimon are the tallest footballers who played internationally for his team. They are 203 cm long.

Nationality Player Height Position
Ivory Coast Lacina Traoré 203 cm F.W.
Romania Costel Pantilimon 203 cm GK
Austria Stefan Maierhofer 202 cm F.W.
Serbia Nikola Žigić 202 cm F.W.
Australia Zeljko Kalac 202 cm G.K.
Czechia Jan Koller 202 cm F.W.


The game of soccer has seen some high figures throughout its history. While height alone does not guarantee success, these players utilized their exceptional stature to their advantage.

The tallest soccer players have impacted the sport, from commanding the defense to dominating the goal.

Whether defenders, strikers, or goalkeepers, their physical presence has made them hard forces on the field, etching their names into soccer history.


How is the Tallest Soccer Player Right Now?

Simon Bloch J is the World’s tallest soccer player right now, whose height is 210cm.

How is the Tallest Footballer in the Premier League?

Paul Onuachu is the tallest soccer player in Premier League history who is 201 cm tall.

How is the Tallest Soccer Player in the Premier League Now?

Kyle Hudlin is the tallest soccer player in the premier league right now whose plays as a goalie. Now, Kyle is 208 cm long.

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