Sharjah Cricket Stadium Boundary Length, Pitch Report, Capacity & Records

Sharjah Cricket Stadium Boundary Length, Pitch Report, Capacity & Records

Sharjah Cricket Stadium became a frequent venue for sporting events. Early in the 1980s, construction on the stadium began in the United Arab Emirates’ emirate of Sharjah. The venue has held 236 ODIs and countless Tests during the past 41 years.

Sharjah Cricket Stadium Info

OwnerBukhatir Group
Coordinates25°19′50.96″N 55°25′15.44″E
LocationSharjah, UAE


Sharjah Cricket Stadium once had a small number of seats available; today, it is a top-notch venue with a total capacity of 16000 people. Early the 1980s saw the construction of the Sharjah Cricket Stadium, which swiftly came to fame as one of the UAE’s most well-liked cricket venues.

Boundary Distance

There are differences in the Sharjah Cricket Stadium’s boundary distance. The distance between square and straight boundaries is anticipated to be between 51 and 61 meters. The entire perimeter measures 62 meters in length. And the boundary length drops from 62 meters to a mind-blowing 58 meters for a great straight drive.

Venue Area

The Sharjah Cricket Stadium’s two pavilions total about 133 meters apart. The 30-yard circle is 90 feet in diameter. According to the International Cricket Council, the whole cricket ground must be 150 yards, and the total boundary distance is 75 yards.

Pitch Report

The Sharjah cricket field is not particularly large, and the surface usually is flat and pretty accurate, but often, it might play a little slowly, making spinners challenging to control.

The field is dusty and dry, with some dew in the evening and a little moisture in the early morning. As this pitch has a history of favoring batters, the bowlers must demonstrate their talents to establish their abilities.


The Sharjah Cricket Stadium is in Industrial Area 5 in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Facts & Records

Most RunsM Shahzad430
Most SixesM Shahzad 2222
Most WicketsSamiullah Shinwari12
Best BowlingSamiullah Shinwari5/13
Highest ScoreM Shahzad118
Highest PartnershipE Morgan / J Buttler112
Best EconomyShoaib MalikFour Runs Per Over
Most CatchesM Nabi & Collins Obuya6
Total HighestAfghanistan215/6
Lowest TotalNetherlands44 runs all out
Most MatchesM Nabi & Shahzad13

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