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English Premier League Salaries By Teams And Their Yearly Wages Bills

English Premier League Salaries By Teams

The Premier League is known for having the biggest money flowing in among national football leagues worldwide. Shockingly, Premier League clubs don’t dominate the Champions League more given the wealth being invested into the English game.

Here, we have discussed how much premier league clubs weekly and yearly spend on their players. Let’s get started:

Premier League Salaries By Teams

Premier League teams’ average player salary is £3,090,200 and the club’s average yearly wage bill is £76,950,000.

Teams Weekly Wages Annual Wages
Manchester Utd £4,288,154 £222,984,000
Chelsea £3,263,846 £169,720,000
Manchester City £3,135,769 £163,060,000
Liverpool £2,726,577 £141,782,000
Tottenham £1,948,923 £101,344,000
Arsenal £1,644,038  £85,490,000
Leicester City £1,515,000 £78,780,000
Aston Villa £1,446,769 £75,232,000
West Ham £1,349,231 £70,160,000
Newcastle Utd £1,204,038 £62,610,000
Crystal Palace £1,138,077 £59,180,000
Everton £829,231 £43,120,000
Wolves £736,731 £38,310,000
Fulham £723,269 £37,610,000
Southampton £680,385 £35,380,000
Bournemouth £616,231 £32,044,000
Nott’ham Forest £549,808 £28,590,000
Brighton £545,000 £28,340,000
Leeds United £332,692 £17,300,000
Brentford £293,077  £15,240,000

Premier League Teams Average Wage Bill

The EPL club’s average yearly wage bill is £3,090,200.

Premier League Clubs  Per Year Wage Bill 2023

The Premier Leagues team’s yearly wage bill in 2023 is £76,950,000.

Premier League Clubs With Highest Wage Bill

Manchester United | £222m

Manchester United is the highest-paying club in the Premier League. The Manchester Utd per weekly wage bill is £4,288,154 and their yearly wage bill is £222,984,000.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest-paid player at Manchester United. In previous years, Machester Utd has not achieved any big success. But they spend a lot of money on the players to stay in the top position.

Chelsea F.C. | £169m

Chelsea F.C. is the second highest-paying team in Premier League. Chelsea’s weekly wage bill is £3,263,846 and its yearly wage bill is £169m. Because of leaving the big players like Antonio Rudiger, Andreas Christensen, and Marcos Alonso, Chelsea’s salaries bill has decreased as compared to the previous season.

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Manchester City | £163m

Manchester City is the third club in EPL that highest-paying wages to their players. Manchester £3,135,769 spend per week on their players. Their yearly wage bill is now £163 million. Manchester City grabbed Erling Haaland by offering him a big contract of £19.5m.

Premier League Clubs With Lowest Wage Bill

Brentford F.C. has the lowest wage bill in English Premier League. The Brentford player’s weekly wage bill is £293,077. Their yearly wage bill is £15.8 million. Brentford is showing how keeping a sensible salary structure may help clubs not only comply with financial fair play rules. But also showing competing with other teams who have very higher budgets. 

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