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Al-Nassr Football Club Players’ Salaries | What is Al-Nassr FC Yearly Wage Bill in 2024?

Al-Nassr Players' Salaries

In the Saudi Pro League, Al-Nassr is a pro football club. Al-Nassr broke all prior records by signing a two-year contract with Cristiano Ronaldo. Agustin Rossi was hired by Al-Nassr just before the new season began on a season-long contract from Boca Juniors. 

Since Cristiano Ronaldo moved, more elite athletes will enter the Saudi Pro League in the future. Rudi Garcia looks forward to making additional adjustments to his team for the upcoming season. 

Al-Nassr Players’ Salaries

There is a total of 30 active players present in the Al-Nassr football club. The Al-Nassar player’s salaries go from £177 million to £405k annually.

The club’s yearly wage bill is £26,346,060, and their weekly salary bill is £506,655.

Player Name Yearly Salary Weekly Wage Position
Nordin Amrabat £2,808,000 £54,000 AM, ST
Abderrazak Hamedallah £2,496,000 £48,000 ST
Maicon £2,288,000 £44,000 D
Gonzalo Martínez £1,196,000 £23,000 M, AM
Brad Jones £1,196,000 £23,000 GK
Abdulfattah Asiri £1,040,000 £20,000 AM
Petros £988,000 £19,000 DM, M
Abdullah Madu £988,000 £19,000 D
Kim Jin-Su £936,000 £18,000 D/WB
Abdulmajeed Al-Sulaiheem £936,000 £18,000 M
Abdulrahman Al-Obaid £936,000 £18,000 D/WB
Ayman Yahya £936,000 £18,000 AM
Firas Al-Buraikan £884,000 £17,000 ST
Abdullah Al-Khaibari £884,000 £17,000 DM, M
Abdulrahman Al-Dossari £832,000 £16,000 DM, M
Sultan Al-Ghanam £728,000 £14,000 D/M
Mukhtar Ali £728,000 £14,000 DM, M
Ali Lajami £728,000 £14,000 D
Yahya Al-Shehri £676,000 £13,000 M, AM
Khalid Al-Ghannam £624,000 £12,000 AM
Waleed Abdullah £624,000 £12,000 GK
Sami Al-Najai £572,000 £11,000 DM, M/AM
Abdulelah Al-Amri £494,000 £9,500 D
Ali Al-Hassan £494,000 £9,500 DM, M
Osama Al-Khalaf £405,600 £7,800 DM, M
Hamad Al-Mansour £374,400 £7,200 D, WB/M/AM
Raed Al-Ghamdi £348,400 £6,700 M
Mahmoud Samti £202,800 £3,900 D
Mohannad Mando £2,860 £55 AM
Sultan Al-Ghannam £0 £0 D

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Highest-Paid Player in Al-Nassr FC

The most expensive player in the Al-Nassr squad is Nordin Amrabat. Amrabat has a £2,808,000 contract with the club.

The second highest-paid player is Abderrazak Hamedallah in the Al-Nassr football club. Hamedallah’s yearly salary is £2,496,000.

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