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Al-Shabab Football Club Players Wags 2023 | Who is the highest-Paid Player in Club?

Al-Shabab FC Players' Salaries

Al-Shabab is the first soccer team placed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The club was established in 1947 and is also known as Al Leith.

Vicente Moreno is the present manager of the Al-Shabab football club. He took a management contract with Al-Shabab FC in 2022. Under his leadership, the club’s winning percentage increased from 43% to 61.5% in season 2022-23.

The Al-Shabab Football Club team consists of 28 players. The team’s annual salary budget is £28m, and £55k weekly.

Al-Shabab FC Players’ Salaries

The Al Leith FC player’s wages go from £915k to £30k.

Player NameYearly SalaryWeekly WagePosition
Éver Banega£9,152,000£176,000DM, M/AM
Odion Ighalo£2,548,000£49,000ST
Alfred N’Diaye£1,196,000£23,000DM, M
Cristian Guanca£988,000£19,000M, AM
Arthur Caike£988,000£19,000AM, ST
Igor Lichnovsky£884,000£17,000D
Abdullah Al-Shamekh£884,000£17,000D
Abdulmalik Al-Khaibari£884,000£17,000DM
Nawaf Al-Abed£832,000£16,000AM
Hassan Al-Tambakti£832,000£16,000D
Ahmed Sharahili£780,000£15,000D
Abdullah Al-Zoari£780,000£15,000D
Khaled Al-Ghamdi£728,000£14,000D/WB
Ammar Al-Najjar£728,000£14,000M, AM
Jamal Bajandouh£676,000£13,000DM, M
Mohammed Salem£624,000£12,000D
Turki Al-Ammar£572,000£11,000M/AM
Khaled Al-Dubaish£468,000£9,000D
Nasser Al-Omran£462,800£8,900M
Fawaz Khrees£431,600£8,300D/WB/AM
Hussain Al-Qahtani£426,400£8,200DM, M
Zaid Al-Bawardi£416,000£8,000GK
Mohammed Al-Qarni£410,800£7,900DM
Mohammad Al-Khaibari£410,800£7,900D
Mazrouq Al-Dossary£358,800£6,900AM
Fábio Martins£327,600£6,300AM
Marwan Al-Haidari£306,800£5,900GK

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New Signing of Al-Shabab FC Players’ Salaries

Before the 2022–23 season began, Moreno added a few new players.

PlayersBase SalaryWeekly WagePositionsContracts
Seung-gyu Kim£900k£19kGK2025
Saeed Al-Rubaie£300k£6kDEF2025
Hussain Al-Sabiyani£150k£3kDEF2023
Mohammed Eissa Al-Yami£100k£2kMID2027
Mo Adams£500k£10kMID2026
Mohammed Attiyah£300k£6kMID2023
Cristian Guanca£1.5m£31kMID2023
Fahad Al-Muwallad£800k£16.5kWinger2025
Aaron Boupendza£3m£63kFW2025
Ahmed Abdu £500k£10kFW2025
Saud Fallath£250k£4.5kDEF2024
Saad Al-Muwallad£100k£2kFW2024
Abdullah Saeed£100k£2kFW2024
Nawaf Al-Dawsari£100k£2kDEF2024
Nasser Al-Bishi£100k£2kFW2024

The Highest-Paid Players in the Al-Shabab FC?

Argentina Defensive midfielder Éver Banega is the most expensive player in Al-Shabab FC. Who earns £176,000 per week and £9,152,000 per year. 

Nigerian Odion Ighalo is the 2nd highest-paid player in the squad of Al-Shabab FC. Odion takes £2,548,000 per year salary and per week earns £49,000.

What is the Al-Shabab FC Yearly Wages Bill 2023?

The club has the fourth most expensive squad in the Saudi Pro League. The club currently spends £28m on salaries each year, and they spend £55k per week.

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