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List of 7 Countries Banned From FIFA World Cup

Countries Banned From FIFA World Cup

Here, we have discussed the 7 countries banned from the FIFA world cup, Let’s take a look at:

There is a chance that Ecuador may be face-banned from FIFA World Cup 2022. In April, the Chile football association send a complaint to FIFA. That, Ecuador defender Byron Castillo used a fake birth certificate.

Chile Association said that Byron Castillo was born in 1995 in Colombia. While in his documents his birth year was 1998 in Ecuador. 

Seven Countries Banned From The FIFA World Cup

1950 World Cup | Germany & Japan

The 1950 World Cup was hosted by Brazil between 24 June to 16 July. Before this season 1942 and 1946, World Cup was dismissed due to 2nd World War. And this was the 4th season of the World Cup. FIFA banned Japan and Germany from this FIFA edition.

Brazil is the Runners-up in this Cup and Uruguay wins the title. While Sweden stands at 3rd and Spain at 4th Position.

 1970-90 World Cups | South Africa

South Africa was suspended by FIFA in 1963. FIFA President Stanley Rous visit South Africa for their re-activation in FIFA. But South African Association requests that. In 1966 all white color players are members of the team. And In 1970 all black members will participate. FIFA not admitting this request.

During apartheid, South Africa was the target of several international boycotts. In 1976, FIFA dismissed the South African FA.

1990 World Cup | Mexico

Mexico’s team in a junior tournament used 4 player who was over age. Due to this illegal step, Mexico faced 2 years suspension from FIFA.

In this season West Germany was the Champions and Argentina is the second finalist.

1994 World Cup | Chile

Roberto Rojas the Chile Goal Keeper while playing a match against Brazil in Rio. He faced an injury during a game. He said that a Brazilian fan injured him by throwing a flare.

After investigation, they know that he hides a blade inside his gloves. And by use of it, he injured himself.

In reaction, FIFA banned Chile for 2 years and dismiss Goal Keeper for all Life.

2006 World Cup | Myanmar

In the 2002 World Cup qualifier, Myanmar’s match was set with Iran. And Iran’s capital Tehran hosted this. But Myanmar was not able to play that Match and draw out from the 2002 World Cup.

FIFA takes its action quickly and fined Myanmar 23,500$. Also, suspended it from the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

2022 World Cup | Russia

Due to Russia and Ukraine wars, FIFA stops Russia from playing in the world cup 2022. After this Russia register his name in the list of countries banned from the FIFA world cup. Many other nations started condemning and in action they boycott Russia.

 In this act FIFA also banned the Russia Football Team to participate in the 2022 Qatar World Cup. This World Cup begins on the 20th of November. 

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