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Hockey World Cup 2023 Prize Money

Hockey World Cup 2023 Prize Money

In 2023, India will host the 15th Hockey World Cup. The competition will begin on Jan 13 and last through Jan 29. India hosts the men’s hockey World Cup for the 2nd time in a straight line. Belgium won the championship in the tournament’s 14th season.

The Indian squad, which overcame a 41-year Olympic medal drought in Tokyo in 2021, will look to snap a 48-year World Cup medal drought. When India won its first hockey World Cup championship in 1975, it was the last time it put in the final.

India, the sixth-ranked squad in the world, will face Spain in the tournament’s opening game on Friday at the Birsa Munda Venue.

Pakistan team did not make it into the Hockey World Cup 2023. In the FIH Rankings, they have dropped to position 17.

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FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 Prize Money

Teams Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal
India $20k $15k $10k
Australia AUD $10k AUD $7k AUD $5k
England $15k $7.5k $3.5k
South Africa $10k $7k $3k
Argentina $15k $8k $4k
Belgium $15k $10k $7k
New Zealand $10k $7k $4k
Malaysia $25k $15k $10k
Netherlands $15k $10k $5k
France $20k $12k $9k
Spain $10k $7k $5k
Wales $5k $3k $2k

How Much Does Indian Hockey Players Earn?

This year’s Men’s Hockey World Cup will include 16 sides, and each of these will get a sizable sum in prize money.

The Indian Team will receive a sizable cash prize, according to Hockey India. Each athlete will receive Rs. 25 lakhs for achieving a gold medal, while each member of the support crew would receive Rs. 5 lakhs.

The players would receive Rs. 15 lakhs each for a silver medal, and the support personnel would receive Rs. 3 lakhs each.

While the reward money for a bronze medal is Rs. 10 lakhs for each participant and Rs. 2 lakhs for each support staff member.

Additionally, on January 5, Chief Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik declared that each member of the Indian hockey team will receive Rs 1 crore if they win the global championship.

In a virtual meeting on Dec 24, the Hockey India Executive Board made the choice.

In a press release, Hockey India president Dilip Tirkey said, “Completing on the top in a Senior Men’s World Cup is not an easy process, and we hope this announcement will further enhance the levels of motivation of the already glory-hungry Indian Men’s Hockey Team.

What is the Hockey World Cup 2023 Prize Money?

Although there is no prize money for the FIH Hockey World Cup, each country will assist its athletes who bring home a gold, silver, or bronze medal.

According to sources, each member of the Indian hockey team will receive a guaranteed $20k prize for gold, $15k for silver, and $10k for bronze.

How Much Will Australian Hockey Players Earns?

If Australia wins the 2023 world cup, their players are rewarded. Each player of the squad will receive AUD 10k if they win the Men’s Hockey World Cup. If they come second or third, they will each receive a prize of AUD 7k, and if they come with the bronze medal, they will each receive AUD 5k.

How Much Will Malaysia Hockey Players Earn?

If the Malaysian team is winning the gold medal, each member of the team will receive a prize of $25,000. If they come in second place, they will receive $18,000, and if they come in third, they will receive $12,000.

How Much Will Belgium Hockey Players Earn?

Every player for the current champions Belgium is promised a prize of $15k if they win gold, $10k if they win silver, and $7k if they take home the bronze.

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