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List of Hat Tricks in the World Cup From 1930 to 2022

List of Hat Tricks in the World Cup

Since Uruguay hosted the World Cup for the first time in 1930, 48 players have made hat tricks in world cup history.

One of the most outstanding achievements a player can make during their profession is getting three goals in one World Cup game, with names like Pele, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Just Fontaine on the list. More athletes could join this impressive list this time at the World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

Hat Tricks in the World Cup From 1930 to 2022

At the World Cup, 52 hat tricks were recorded, with 48 footballers already achieving the feat.
Year Players Stage Team Against
1930 Pedro Cea Semifinals Uruguay Yugoslavia
1930 Guillermo Stabile Group Argentina Mexico
1930 Bert Patenaude Group USA Paraguay
1934 Oldrich Nejedly Semifinals Czechoslovakia Germany
1934 Edmund Conen Round of 16 Germany Belgium
1934 Angelo Schiavio Round of 16 Italy USA
1938 Harry Anderson Quarterfinals Sweden Cuba
1938 Gustav Wetterstrom Quarterfinals Sweden Cuba
1938 Leonidas Round of 16 Brazil Poland
1938 Ernst Wilimowski Round of 16 Poland Brazil
1950 Ademir Final group stage Brazil Sweden
1950 Oscar Miguez First group stage Uruguay Bolivia
1954 Josef Hugi Quarterfinals Switzerland Austria
1954 Theodor Wagner Quarterfinals Austria Switzerland
1954 Max Morlock Group West Germany Turkey
1954 Burhan Sargin Group Turkey South Korea
1954 Sandor Kocsis Group Hungary West Germany
1954 Carlos Borges Group Uruguay Scotland
1954 Erich Probst Group Austria Czechoslovakia
1954 Sandor Kocsis Group Hungary South Korea
1958 Just Fontaine 3rd place match  France West Germany
1958 Pele Semifinals Brazil France
1958 Just Fontaine Group France Paraguay
1962 Florian Albert Group Hungary Bulgaria
1966 Geoff Hurst Final England West Germany
1966 Eusebio Quarterfinals Portugal North Korea
1970 Gerd Muller Group West Germany Peru
1970 Gerd Muller Group West Germany Bulgaria
1974 Andrzej Szarmach Group Poland Haiti
1974 Dusan Bajevic Group Yugoslavia Zaire
1978 Teofilo Cubillas Group Peru Iran
1978 Rob Rensenbrink Group Netherlands Iran
1982 Paolo Rossi Second Group Italy  Brazil
1982 Zbigniew Boniek Second Group Poland Belgium
1982 Karl-Heinz Rummenigge Group West Germany Chile
1982 Laszlo Kiss Group  Hungary El Salvador
1986 Emiliano Butrageuno Round of 16 Spain Denmark
1986 Igor Belanov Round of 16 Soviet Union Belgium
1986 Gary Lineker Group England Poland
1986 Preben Elkjaer Group Denmark Uruguay
1990 Tomas Skuhravy Round of 16 Czechoslovakia Costa Rica
1990 Michel Group Spain South Korea
1994 Oleg Salenko Group Russia Cameroon
1994 Gabriel Batistuta Group  Argentina Greece
1998 Gabriel Batistuta Group  Argentina Jamaica
2002 Pauleta Group Portugal Poland
2002 Miroslav Klose Group  Germany Saudi Arabia
2010 Gonzalo Higuain Group Argentina South Korea
2014 Xherdan Shaqiri Group Switzerland Honduras
2014 Thomas Muller Group Germany Portugal
2018 Harry Kane Group England Panama
2018 Cristiano Ronaldo Group Portugal Spain
2022 Kylian Mbappe Final France Argentina
2022 Goncalo Ramos Round of 16 Portugal Switzerland

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All Hat Tricks Records in World Cup

Which Fifa World Cup Has No Hat Trick Made by a Player?

In the history of the FIFA World Cup, only one tournament, the World Cup 2006 in Germany, has never had a hat trick scored.

Which Players Made 2 Hat Tricks in The World Cup?

Four players—Sándor Kocsis (twice in 1954), Just Fontaine (twice in 1958), Gerd Müller (twice in 1970), and Gabriel Batistuta recorded two hat tricks in World Cup in 1994 & 1998.

Thus, only Batistuta has achieved hat tricks in 2 World Cups. He also has the honor of scoring two hat-tricks against World Cup finals rookies (Greece and Jamaica) on June 21 of the same year, with the third goal coming from a penalty in each case. Kocsis and Müller both scored a hat-trick in back-to-back games.

Which Player Makes the First Hat Trick In FIFA World Cup?

Bert Patenaude became the first footballer to make a hat-trick in a FIFA World Cup match on July 17, 1930, against Paraguay. Guillermo Stábile of Argentina achieved the first hat trick recognized by FIFA on November 10, 2006, two days after Patenaude.

FIFA declared in 2006 that Patenaude’s claim to be the first hat-trick scorer was legitimate after imputing partner Tom Florie’s goal from the match against Paraguay to him.

Which Player Scored the 5 Goals In a Single World Cup?

Oleg Salenko is the 1st and only footballer in FIFA World Cup history to achieve five goals in a single game. While Cameroon and Russia were playing in World Cup 1994, he committed this act.

Which Player Makes the Hat Trick in His Debut in World Cup?

In 1930, Guillermo Stábile, one player, got a hat-trick on his international debut.

Who Scored Four Goals for the Losing Team?

In 1930, Ernst Wilimowski, who was on the losing team, scored four goals (5–6). Josef Hügi (5-7, 1954) and Igor Belanov scored a hat-trick for the losing team (3–4, 1986).

Only one other player Cristiano Ronaldo—has ever recorded a hat-trick in a match that his team lost (3-3, 2018). Furthermore, he has just become the first player in history to score a hat trick in a tied game.

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When Two Hat-Tricks Scored in a Single Match in World Cup?

Two hat tricks have been achieved in one game at three different times. During the 1938 FIFA World Cup, there were two. One instance occurred in 1954 when Theodor Wagner and Josef Hügi each scored a hat-trick as Austria overcame Switzerland.

Which Player Scored Hat-Trick in a World Cup Final?

Only one player has ever achieved a hat trick in a World Cup final match. Geoff Hurst scored three goals for England versus West Germany in the 1966 Final. This is the most extended hat trick ever because of how long there was between the 1st and 3rd goals.

When Was the Quickest Hat Trick Done in World Cup?

Erich Probst achieved the fastest hat trick in 1954 while playing Austria against Czechoslovakia, scoring goals at the 4′, 21′, and 24′ marks.

When Was the Shortest Hat Trick Done in World Cup?

László Kiss’s hat trick against El Salvador in 1982 was the fastest one to be completed, meaning there was the least time between the first and third goals. Between his first and third goals, which came at 69′, 72′, and 76′, there were 7 minutes. This is also the only time a substitute has scored a hat trick.

Who Scored from three headers in A Single Match?

The only athletes to win from three headers in a single game are Tomá Skuhrav and Miroslav Klose, both in 2002.

Youngest Player to Scored Hat Tricks in The World Cup?

At 17 years, Pelé is the player who has scored a hat-trick the youngest.

The Oldest Player Who Scored the Hat Trick in World Cup?

The oldest footballer in FIFA World Cup history is Cristiano Ronaldo at 33 Years.

Who Scored Most Hat Tricks in The World Cup?

With seven, Germany (including West Germany) holds the record for the most hat tricks scored. Germany and South Korea have the record for the most hat tricks allowed, with four.

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