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FIFA World Cup 2022 Groups Details & Rankings

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One of the most common complaints about FIFA’s World Cup group selections is that they usually result in groupings of different strengths. Some may find themselves inside a “group of death,” whereas others find the group phase relatively easy.

To guarantee fairness and sustain TV audiences’ interest, organizers must ensure that strong teams are not punished for their ability while preventing the creation of weaker groups.

How Does it Work?

Each of the eight groups comprises the host country and the top seven teams, as determined by FIFA’s ranking system. Oceania, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, North and Central America, and South America make up the final pool, ensuring a global division.

A group can only have a maximum of two European teams and no more than two teams from the same zone except Europe.

The draw for this year appears to be very fair at first look. Group F with Belgium and Croatia and Group E with Spain and Germany seem to be decided from the beginning. But in the other groupings, anything might happen.

Ranking each group as per their average FIFA global rankings will reveal the relative strength of each group in Qatar 2022.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Groups Details & Rankings

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group A Details

The host nation Qatar, will play first time in the world cup in 2022, and Qatar will play its 1st match versus Ecuador.

World Cup 2022 Group a details

The Netherlands, who failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, is expected to win their group and end their run of three consecutive second-place finishes without winning the competition.

Ecuador will be interesting to watch after scoring their most goals ever (27) during an excellent qualification performance despite being the youngest starting XI in the South American region.

Senegal aspires to emulate the Nigerian team, which left its pool in 2014. Senegal is the only African champion to go to the World Cup in the 21-century.

Group A Rankings

Group A looks to be the lowest powerful, with an average Global ranking of 30 and a difference of 48 ranking standings between the weakest and strongest fellows.

The Netherlands, which is ranked eighth, should advance. Senegal (18th) should defeat Ecuador (44th). When footballers have previous experience playing in the Middle East’s conditions, Qatar’s (50th) home-ground advantage could mean a lot.

Group A Schedule

Date Schedule KO time (local)
Nov. 20 Qatar vs. Ecuador 19:00
Nov. 21 Senegal vs. Netherlands 19:00
Nov. 25 Qatar vs. Senegal 16:00
Nov. 25 Netherlands vs. Ecuador 19:00
Nov. 29 Ecuador vs. Senegal 18:00
Nov. 29 Netherlands vs. Qatar 18:00

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group B Details

The three inferior teams will believe that the expertise of Group B works to their advantage.

Gareth Southgate holds the honor of leading the England team to at least the fourth stage in each of his two primary contests as the leader, a feat only Sir Alf Ramsey can replicate. In addition to trying to become the first player to finish first (or second) in scoring in two consecutive World Cup competitions.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group B

The biggest threat to England will be the USA. Although Gregg Berhalter’s team may have misplayed in qualifying because they only finished third, their young team is plenty of potential.

Wales will fight in only their 2nd World Cup 2022, and as it did at the 2016 Euro, their lack of expertise at this level could convert into a dangerous approach. England was in their group at the time, which Wales won before famously making it to the semifinals.

Few people, reasonably or not, will expect Iran to leave the group. Only Scotland has competed in most of the World Cups without progressing past the preliminary stage. After all, they have made five prior tries and never passed the quarterfinals.

World Cup 2022 Group B Rankings

The most complex group is due to a 15-place disparity and an average global ranking. Considered a serious contender for the trophy is England, who finished fifth. But, there may be rockets as England plays its neighbor Wales (19th) and as the United States (16th) engages Iran, a geopolitical foe (20th).

Group B Schedule

Date Matches KO time (local)
Nov. 21 England vs. Iran 16:00
Nov. 21 USA vs. Wales 22:00
Nov. 25 Wales vs. Iran 13:00
Nov. 25 England vs. USA 22:00
Nov. 29 Wales vs. England 22:00
Nov. 29 Iran vs. USA 22:00

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group c Details

After winning the Copa America in 2021, Argentina’s current team may not be the most talented they’ve always had, but it’s undoubtedly the most disciplined they’ve been in years.

El Tri has gone to stage 16 in their past 8 World Cup participation while losing just once in 1978. Mexico and Poland are predicted to fight for second place in Group C.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group c details

Even though Saudi Arabia has only won three of its previous 16 World Cup games, there is still a chance for them to pull off a massive upset.

World Cup 2022 Group C Rankings

The group has a 48-place spread and a 23.25 average global rating. Argentina (9th), the competition favorite, must defeat Poland (26th), Mexico (13th), and Saudi Arabia(51st) to qualify.

Group C Schedule

Date Fixture KO time (local)
Nov. 22 Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia 13:00
Nov. 22 Mexico vs. Poland 19:00
Nov. 26 Poland vs. Saudi Arabia 16:00
Nov. 26 Argentina vs. Mexico 22:00
Nov. 30 Poland vs. Argentina 22:00
Nov. 30 Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico 22:00

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group D Details

Some people may have a different perspective on France’s pre-tournament aim and may doubt their ability to be the first team to defend the World Cup until Brazil in 1962 correctly.

Back then, Denmark defeated France 2-0 and qualified for Qatar as a squad to watch. They reached the Euro 2020 semifinals last year and won nine of ten qualifying games. They also kept cleaner sheets (8) than any other European team.

world cup group d-details

While Tunisia has never advanced past the group stage in six previous qualifying matches, Kasper Hjulmand’s team will fancy their chances of making the knockout stages for the fifth time in six competitions.

After Saudi Arabia (69%) and Australia (the fourth team in Group D), their 60% defeat rate at World Cups is the third-highest.

World Cup 2022 Group D Rankings

The next most challenging group has a range of 34 ranks and an average global ranking of 20.5. Australia (38th) and France (4th) are likely to defeat Tunisia (30th) and Denmark (10th), but the European teams must retain their reliability throughout the early rounds of the competition.

Group D Schedule

Date Fixture KO time (local)
Nov. 22 Denmark vs. Tunisia 16:00
Nov. 22 France vs. Australia 22:00
Nov. 26 Tunisia vs. Australia 13:00
Nov. 26 France vs. Denmark 19:00
Nov. 30 Australia vs. Denmark 18:00
Nov. 30 Tunisia vs. France 18:00

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group E Details

Germany didn’t make it past the first round in Russia 2018 for the first time since 1950 (when they didn’t participate). After completing at least the semifinals in every other World Cup this decade, there was a significant blot on an otherwise excellent record.

Spain predicts running Germany close, but Due to Julen Lopetegui’s dismissal on the eve of the competition, La Roja’s 2018 preparation wasn’t much better than the German’s.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group e details

Japan will be the team most likely to challenge the two European heavyweights, but it would be a massive surprise if they ever made it past the round of 16 at consecutive World Cups.

Costa Rica won’t face any strain. Despite being winless in six World Cup games going into this edition, they surprised everyone in 2014. After defeating New Zealand, Los Ticos advanced via the inter-confederation play-offs.

World Cup 2022 Group E Rankings

With a range of 24 ranking positions, this group has an average rating of 18.25. The chances to win Group E will probably be Spain (7th) and Germany (11th), but Japan (24th), who advanced to the semifinals in 2002, shouldn’t be discounted. Expect a tough challenge from everyone in this group, especially from Costa Rica (ranked 31st).

Group E Schedule

Date Fixture KO time (local)
Nov. 23 Germany vs. Japan 16:00
Nov. 23 Spain vs. Costa Rica 19:00
Nov. 27 Japan vs. Costa Rica 13:00
Nov. 27 Spain vs. Germany 22:00
Dec. 1 Japan vs. Spain 22:00
Dec. 1 Costa Rica vs. Germany 22:00

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group F Details

One of three nations to make it to the quarterfinals at the last two World Cups, Belgium’s ‘Golden Generation’ has done a fantastic job of establishing Belgium as a threat.

Though they were eliminated in the semifinals the last time, Croatia will aim to contend for the top slot despite their inconsistent World Cup history. In their previous five visits, they either failed to advance from the group (twice) or submitted to the semifinals (twice).

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group f details

Canada is similarly unstable in that regard. As a result, it’s tough to foresee how the Canucks will handle their circumstances when they compete at the World Cup for the first time since 1986.

It is only Morocco’s second title at two World Cups. However, after two of their four goals over four years ago came after the 90th minute, they’ll need to stop making late mistakes if they want to move from the group for the first time since 1986.

World Cup 2022 Group F Rankings

Despite not immediately coming to mind as one of the world’s best footballing nations, Belgium is now ranked second. With a 39-place gap and an average Geographic ranking of 19.25, the Red Devils should have no issue moving on.

While Canada (41st) and Morocco (22nd) may find it difficult to advance to the competition’s following rounds, Croatia (12th) will be close behind.

Group F Schedule

Date Fixture KO time (local)
Nov. 23 Morocco vs. Croatia 13:00
Nov. 23 Belgium vs. Canada 22:00
Nov. 27 Belgium vs. Morocco 16:00
Nov. 27 Croatia vs. Canada 19:00
Dec. 1 Croatia vs. Belgium 18:00
Dec. 1 Canada vs. Morocco 18:00

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group G Details

Brazil has continued to make appearances at every World Cup, but by their standards, it has been quite some time since they last took home the trophy (2002).

By the time 2026 rolls around, if they are unsuccessful in Qatar, their drought will have lasted 24 years, which would be the joint-longest dry period since winning their first championship in 1958.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group g

Serbia, on the other hand, has lost more World Cup games than any other European team since 2006 (seven of nine), and in their three appearances as an independent nation, they haven’t advanced past the group stage.

The recent performance of Cameroon isn’t much better. They will need two victories in Qatar to equal Mexico’s record of World Cup defeats in a row (9).

The Indomitable Lions intend to demonstrate that a lot has changed since they last competed in 2014.

World Cup 2022 Group G Rankings

With a range of 42 ranking spots, this group has an average world rating of 20. With five World Cup victories, Brazil (ranked first) is the most decorated national team in tournament history.

This group’s future is not yet written thanks to Switzerland (15th), Serbia (21st), and Cameroon (43rd), whose flair and the persistence of the Serbians are essential to their hopes.

Group G Schedule

Date Matches KO time (local)
Nov. 24 Switzerland vs. Cameroon 13:00
Nov. 24 Brazil vs. Serbia 22:00
Nov. 28 Cameroon vs. Serbia 13:00
Nov. 28 Brazil vs. Switzerland 19:00
Dec. 2 Serbia vs. Switzerland 22:00
Dec. 2 Cameroon vs. Brazil 22:00

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group H Details

Portugal’s record of three victories over their previous 14 World Cup games is hardly impressive. However, Cristiano Ronaldo hopes to be in better shape come kickoff. Ronaldo will strive to score in the World Cup’s knockout rounds because, like Messi, he has never done so.

While Ghana has previously caused many side troubles in the tournament, Uruguay has won six of its last eight World Cup games and has advanced from the group stage in five of its past seven visits.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group h

South Korea has a dismal record at the World Cup when they are not the co-hosts, winning just three of 27 such games, but don’t remember that it was their outstanding 2-0 victory over Germany four years ago that eliminated Germany.

World Cup 2022 Group H Rankings

Group H is the second weakest, with an average world rating of 28 and a range of 52 positions. South Korea (28th), Uruguay (14th), and Portugal (9th) will all make solid runs for the knockout rounds. Ghana (61) will be happy to advance.

Group H Schedule

Date Matches KO time (local)
Nov. 24 Uruguay vs. South Korea 16:00
Nov. 24 Portugal vs. Ghana 19:00
Nov. 28 South Korea vs. Ghana 16:00
Nov. 28 Portugal vs. South Korea 22:00
Dec. 2 Ghana vs. Uruguay 18:00
Dec. 2 South Korea vs. Portugal 18:00
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