Yonex German Open Prize Money

Yonex German Open Prize Money

The 2023 season is the 64th edition of the German Open that will take place from 7 March to 12 March 2023. The German Open is also known as Yonex German Open due to the sponsorship. The 2023 season will play at Westenergie Sporthalle in Mülheim, Germany.

The top players of the tournament are Lee Zii Jia, Kodai Naraoka, & Lakshya Sen. The Women’s  German Open best players to watch are Han Yue, Sania Nehwal, & Akane Yamaguchi. The 2023 Yonex German Open prize money has been disclosed.

German Open Prize Money 2023

Position Single Prize Double Prize
Winner $15,750 $16,590
Runner-ups $7,980 $7,980
Semi-Finalist $3,045 $2,940
Quarter Finalist $1,260 $1,522
Round of 16 $735 $787.50
Total Payout $210k

The prize money for the German Open 2023 has been increased as compared to the previous year. The German Open payout for the 2022 season was $180k, but 2023 season the prize money is $210k. 

The winner of the Singles Yonex German Open will receive a $15k prize share, but last year’s winner received $13k. The Single round runner-up will get a $7,980 prize share and the 3rd spot player will get a $3,045 prize pool. 

Quarter Finalist winners will earn a prize share of $1,260 and the Round-16 players get a $735 prize money.

The champions of the Doubles Yonex German Open 2023 will get $16,590 prize money, but the 2022 doubles winners got $14,220. The runners-up of the doubles stage will put a $7,980 prize share in their pockets.

The doubles semi-finalist winners will get a $2,940 prize, and the Quarterfinal champions earn a $1,522 prize pool. The doubles Round-16 winners will gain $787.50 prize money.

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