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Fantasy Premier League Winners List

Fantasy Premier League Winners List

Over the recent years, the Fantasy Premier League has expanded significantly, and there are few indications that this growth will stop.

We feature all well-known football players’ Fantasy Premier League teams, other notable FPL managers & all FPL winners since the game’s inception in the 2002-03 edition.

Fantasy Premier League Winners List

Check the complete FPL winners list from 2002 to 2023

Year Manager Team Name Points
2022/23 Ali Jahangirov FPL Gunz 2776
2021/22 Jamie Pigott Futbol Is Life 2844
2020/21 Michael Coone Teddy Bears UTD 2680
2019/20 Joshua Bull* The Bulldozers 2557
2018/19 Adam Levy #TheyAreUs 2659
2017/18 Yusuf Sheikh Yusuf’s Team 2512
2016/17 Ben Crabtree Fc Crab Dogg 2564
2015/16 Dimitri Nicolaou Dimitris Gavles 2458
2014/15 Simon March Atletico Marchid** 2470
2013/14 Tom Fenley Captain Suarez 2634
2012/13 Matt Martyniak Divine Mercy 2472
2011/12 Sam Pater Samcity 2414
2010/11 Chris Mcgurn Morons Fc 2372
2009/10 Jon Reeson Westfield Irons 2668
2008/09 Sir Moult Moultanic 2264
2007/08 John Frisina Frisk UTD 2466
2006/07 Mike Dolan Divers & XI 2268
2005/06 Tommy Wilson Blue Bridge Brigade 2326
2004/05 Andy Tomlinson Palace Excil 2253
2003/04 Muir O’ Connor The Lonely 11 2151
2002/03 Graeme Haddow Wee Wullie Winkie Fc 1940

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Footballers’ Fantasy Premier League Teams

Players Team Club
Bukayo Saka El Niño Arsenal
Eddie Nketiah Steady FC Arsenal
Matt Turner Ducklings Arsenal
Mohamed Elneny Winner Team Arsenal
Rob Holding No Holding Back Arsenal
Jacob Ramsey Long Fingers Aston Villa
John McGinn Meatballers Aston Villa
Jason Steele The Shankaholics Brighton
Shane Duffy CORONAS11 Fulham
Adam Forshaw FC Saus Leeds
Luke Ayling Stuttering Stars Leeds
Patrick Bamford Hastalavista Baby Leeds
Hamza Choudhury MC Hammer Leicester
James Justin Just in Time Leicester
James Maddison Borrowed Yutes Leicester
Kalvin Phillips Chickentikkamosalah Man City
Matt Targett Targett Practice Newcastle
Jack Stephens JS United Southampton

Famous Fantasy Premier League Managers

Here is a list of some of the most popular FPL managers who are not actual football players

Manager Team Best Finish
Andy Let’s Talk Fpl Thinking Out Loud 1294
Ben Crellin ƂUᴉꞰUᴉꞍꞱUʍOPƎPᴉSDN 2157
Ben Dinnery One-Eyed Man Is King 33384
Cak Juris Laskar Jember Utara™ 683
Fabio Borges Clichy’s Clean Sheets 95
Fpl Mate (Dan) Bska Sofia 243
Jonathan Walters Ooh You’re Hard 1697865
Jules Breach Breach for the Stars 22163
Magnus Carlsen Kfum Oslo 10
Mark Mansfield Schmohawks 227
Mark McGettigan @Fplgeneral 102
Mark Sutherns Sutherns Comfort 42
Matt Corbidge Yeezy Taught Me 1463
Micah Richards Milanchester FC 705566
Robert Snodgrass 2nd Is Last 951162

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