Snooker Cazoo British Open Prize Money

Cazoo British Open Prize Money

The British Open 2023 is officially known as the Cazoo British Open 2023 due to sponsorship. The 2023 British Open snooker will be played on Centaur in Cheltenham from September 25 to October 1, 2023.

This edition is the 3rd-ranking contest of the 2023–24 snooker season and is managed by the World Snooker Tour. The Cazoo British Open prize money has been announced.

Cazoo British Open Prize Money

Rank Payout
Winner £100k
Finalist £45k
Semi-Finalists £20k
Quarterfinalist £12k  
Last 16 £8k
Last 32 £5k
Last 64 £3k
Highest break £5k
Total Fund £478k

The 2023 British Open Snooker has a total prize fund of £478k. The tournament winner will receive a payout of £100k from the total purse. The event runner-up will be awarded with a £45k prize share.

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Each semi-finalist will receive £20k. The quarterfinalists will secure a £12k payout for their exceptional performance. Players who reach the Last 16, 32, and 64 will not go empty-handed; they will receive £8k, £5k, and £3k.

Furthermore, the player achieving the highest break in the tournament will receive a £5k bonus.

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