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World Women’s Snooker Championship Prize Money 2023

World Women's Snooker Championship Prize Money

The World Women’s Snooker Championship has announced its prize money and schedule. The tournament 2023 will start from 28 Feb to 4 March 2023.

Nutcharut Wongharuthai, the previous edition champion, is aiming to keep it. Watch out for Emma Parker, Wendy Jans, Reanne Evans, and Jamie Hunter at the 2023 World Championship. Prize money for the World Women’s Snooker Championship is declared. Let’s take a look at:

World Women’s Snooker Championship Prize Money 2023

The total prize purse is set at £17,200 for the Women’s World Championship. The winner of the tournament will take a prize share of £6k. Moreover, the runner-up will receive a prize share of £2.5k.

The semi-finalist player will earn a prize pool of £1250, and the 4th place player will get a prize payout of £600 prize. The cash will be divided between the preliminary stage and the championship. For the longest break, a bonus of £200 is applied.

Standings Prize Money Number of Players
Winner £6k 1
Runner-up £2,5k 1
Semi-Finalist £1,250 2
Quarter Finalist £600 4
Round of 16 £300 8
Preliminary Round £150
Highest break £200 1
Total Fund £17,200

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Women’s World Snooker Championship Prize Money 2022

Standing Share
Winner £5,000
Runner-up £3,000
Total Payouts £15,000


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