Women’s Big Bash League Points Table 2023-24

WBBL points Table

The Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL) is Australia’s premier female local cricket competition. It is a franchise-based T20 contest featuring eight teams from across the country. The WBBL was established in 2015 and has quickly become one of the most famous female sporting events.

The WBBL points table holds significance as it decides the teams that make it to the playoffs. Teams that secure a spot in the top four by the end of the season earn the chance to compete in the playoffs.

WBBL Points Table 2023-24

WBBL Points Table 2023-24

1Adelaide Strikers Women141130022+1.154
2Perth Scorchers Women14860016+0.784
3Brisbane Heat Women14860016+0.203
4Sydney Thunder Women14760115+0.298
5Sydney Sixers Women14770014-0.253
6Hobart Hurricanes Women14670113-0.597
7Melbourne Stars Women14680012-0.779
8Melbourne Renegades Women14212004-0.978

WBBL Points Table 2022

1 Sydney Sixers Women1411210.76323
2 Brisbane Heat Women148510.39717
3 Adelaide Strikers Women148510.25517
4 Hobart Hurricanes Women147610.45715
5 Perth Scorchers Women146710.33113
6 Melbourne Stars Women14563-0.29913
7 Melbourne Renegades Women14491-1.0179
8 Sydney Thunder Women141103-0.8835

WBBL Points Table 2021

1Perth Scorchers Women149300.7920
2Melbourne Renegades Women14840-0.14918
3Brisbane Heat Women148500.51717
4Adelaide Strikers Women147600.70715
5Melbourne Stars Women14570-0.38512
6Hobart Hurricanes Women14580-0.25811
7Sydney Thunder Women14480-0.44810
8Sydney Sixers Women14490-0.7049

WBBL 2020 Points Table

1Melbourne Stars Women148300.96319
2Brisbane Heat Women148400.64718
3Sydney Thunder Women147500.22216
4Perth Scorchers Women146600.40914
5Sydney Sixers Women14660-0.06514
6Adelaide Strikers Women146700.12813
7Melbourne Renegades Women14480-1.09210
8Hobart Hurricanes Women14390-1.1438

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2019 WBBL Points Table

1Brisbane Heat Women1410400.72320
2Perth Scorchers Women149500.00818
3Adelaide Strikers Women149410.60119
4Melbourne Renegades Women148600.12616
5Sydney Sixers Women14770-0.07614
6Sydney Thunder Women14571-0.48712
7Hobart Hurricanes Women14490-0.1979
8Melbourne Stars Women142#0-0.7344

2018 WBBL Points Table 

1Hobart Hurricanes Women142120-0.3644
2Adelaide Strikers Women14580-0.33611
3Perth Scorchers Women14770-0.47614
4Melbourne Stars Women14580-0.90511
5Sydney Sixers Women1410400.50920
6Sydney Thunder Women149400.47919
7Melbourne Renegades Women14760-0.07915
8Brisbane Heat Women149501.11818

WBBL Points Table 2017

1Sydney Thunder Women1410310.68421
2Sydney Sixers Women1410310.8921
3Perth Scorchers Women148600.26616
4Brisbane Heat Women147700.14714
5Adelaide Strikers Women147610.2515
6Melbourne Renegades Women145720.09212
7Melbourne Stars Women14491-0.6349
8Hobart Hurricanes Women142120-1.7334

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2016 WBBL Points Table

1Sydney Sixers Women149500.44218
2Perth Scorchers Women148610.30016
3Brisbane Heat Women148600.04616
4Hobart Hurricanes Women14760-0.03415
5Melbourne Stars Women147700.25614
6Sydney Thunder Women14671-0.04612
7Melbourne Renegades Women14680-0.51911.5
8Adelaide Strikers Women14392-0.5418

WBBL 2015 Points Table 

1Sydney Thunder Women149500.35818
2Hobart Hurricanes Women148610.19016
3Sydney Sixers Women14860-0.07016
4Perth Scorchers Women147700.16614
5Melbourne Stars Women147700.03414
6Brisbane Heat Women14771-0.09414
7Adelaide Strikers Women14680-0.13112
8Melbourne Renegades Women144102-0.4638
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