TPS Hunter Valley Prize Money 2023

TPS Hunter Valley Prize Money

The coming Australian PGA Tour tournament in 2023 will begin playing live on February 23. It is the most well-known tournament in which many famous golfers perform. In this competition men & women fight across the same ground and for the same prize money.

Here, The TPS Hunter Valley payout 2023 has been announced. Let’s take a look at:

TPS Hunter Valley Prize Money 2023

The total prize pool is $250,000 revealed for the TPS Hunter Valley season 2023 which will be distributed among the golfers.

The winner of the TPS Hunter Valley 2023 will take a $45k prize share and a $4,500 Caddie prize put into his pockets.

The runners-up of the tournament will receive a $27,250 prize share and also get $2,180 as a Caddie Share. The 3rd place golfer will earn a $17,250 prize share, and the 4th spot golfer will get a $12,250 prize money.

Sr. Prize Share Caddie Share
1 $45,000 $4,500
2 $27,250 $2,180
3 $17,250 $1,207
4 $12,250 $735
5 $10,250
6 $9,062
7 $8,437
8 $7,812
9 $7,312
10 $6,812

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How Much is The Prize Money For The TPS Hunter Valley?

For the TPS Hunter Valley 2023 edition, the total prize money is $250,000 which will distribute to the golfers.

How Much TPS Hunter Valley Winner Will Earn in 2023?

The TPS Hunter Valley 2023 winner will receive a $45,000 prize share.

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