TNPL 2023 Points Table | Tamil Nadu Premier League Standings

TNPL 2023 Points Table

TNPL 2023 Points Table

1 Nellai Royal Kings000000
2 Chepauk Super Gillies000000
3 Siechem Madurai Panthers000000
4 Lyca Kovai Kings000000
5 IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans000000
6 Dindigul Dragons000000
7 Ruby Trichy Warriors000000
8 Salem Spartans000000

TNPL 2022 Points Table

1 Nellai Royal Kings76101.31212
2 Chepauk Super Gillies75201.09310
3 Siechem Madurai Panthers75200.36810
4 Lyca Kovai Kings74300.6278
5 IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans7340-0.3626
6 Dindigul Dragons7250-0.4754
7 Ruby Trichy Warriors7250-0.9034
8 Salem Spartans7160-1.3992

TNPL 2021 Points Table

1 Ruby Trichy Warriors 7520+0.71010
2 Chepauk Super Gillies7421+0.5629
3Dindigul Dragons 7430+0.3968
4 Lyca Kovai Kings7331-0.0887
5Nellai Royal Kings7331-0.4857
6 Siechem Madurai Panthers7241+0.6165
7Salem Spartans7241-0.7305
8IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans7241-1.1425

TNPL Points Table 2019

1Dindigul Dragons76100.69412
2Chepauk Super Gillies75201.39110
3Madurai Panthers75200.70310
4VB Kanchi Veerans74300.5528
5Lyca Kovai Kings74300.2558
6TUTI Patriots7250-1.1514
7Ruby Trichy Warriors7160-0.4862
8Karaikudi Kaalai7160-2.0192

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Tamil Nadu Premier League 2018 Points Table

1Dindigul Dragons75200.99210
2Madurai Panthers75200.12410
3Lyca Kovai Kings74300.5778
4Karaikudi Kaalai74300.5058
5TUTI Patriots74300.4328
6Ruby Trichy Warriors7430-0.0118
7VB Kanchi Veerans7160-0.872
8Chepauk Super Gillies7160-1.6212

TNPL 2017 Points Table

1TUTI Patriots77001.84514
2Chepauk Super Gillies76100.50112
3Karaikudi Kaalai74300.0338
4Lyca Kovai Kings7322-0.0868
5VB Thiruvallur Veerans73400.5466
6Dindigul Dragons72410.3475
7Ruby Trichy Warriors7160-1.1812
8Madurai Panthers7061-2.5761

TNPL Points Table 2016

1Chepauk Super Gillies75200.96410
2Dindigul Dragons75200.69810
3TUTI Patriots74300.4148
4Lyca Kovai Kings74300.3848
5Karaikudi Kaalai74300.028
6VB Thiruvallur Veerans7430-0.1048
7Ruby Kanchi Warriors7250-0.964
8Madurai Panthers7070-1.4110
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