Valero Texas Open Prize Money

Texas Open Prize Money

The Texas Open is part of th PGA tour and a professional golf competition, which is held in San Antonio, Texas. The Texas Open was first time held in 1922. The tournament is also famous as Valero Texas Open because of the sponsorship.

Texas Open is organized and managed by the Valero Foundation. The competition will play from March 30 to April 02, 2023. The Texas Open prize money for the 2023 season has been confirmed.

Valero Texas Open Prize Money 2023

The Texas Open 2023 purse increased compared to last year. The total prize money of the Texas Open 2023 is $8.9 million will be split among the 65 golfers.

In the 2022 tournament, $1.6 million in prize money was distributed between the golfers. The top 10 golfers in the standings will receive a caddie share.

The 1st place golfer of the Valero Texas Open will get a $1.62 million prize share and a $162k caddie share. The 2nd place player of the competition will receive a$970k payout and an $85k caddie share.

The 3rd place golfer will fill his pockets with a $614k prize and a $60k caddie share. While the 4th position player also will get a nice payout of $436k and a $35k caddie share.

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Position Payouts Caddies Share
1st $1.62m $162k
2nd $970k $85k
3rd $614k $60k
4th $436k $35k
5th $364,900 $22k
6th $322,625 $15k
7th $300,375 $10k
8th $278,125 $10k
9th $260,325 $10k
10th $242,525 $10k
11th $224,725
12th $206,925
13th $189,125
14th $171,325
15th $162,425
16th $153,525
17th $144,625
18th $135,725
19th $126,825
20th $117,925
21st $109,025
22nd $100,125
23rd $93,005
24th $85,885
25th $78,765
26th $71,645
27th $68,975
28th $66,305
29th $63,635
30th $60,965
31st $58,295
32nd $55,625
33rd $52,955
34th $50,730
35th $48,505
36th $46,280
37th $44,055
38th $42,275
39th $40,495
40th $38,715
41st $36,935
42nd $35,155
43rd $33,375
44th $31,595
45th $29,815
46th $28,035
47th $26,255
48th $24,831
49th $23,585
50th $22,873
51st $22,339
52nd $21,805
53rd $21,449
54th $21,093
55th $20,915
56th $20,737
57th $20,559
58th $20,381
59th $20,203
60th $20,025
61st $19,847
62nd $19,669
63rd $19,491
64th $19,313
65th $19,135
Total Payout $8.9m


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