The Masters’ Tournament Prize Money 2023

The Masters' Tournament Prize Money

The Masters’ Tournament will start on 06 April, and the final match will be held on 09 April 2023. The tournament will play at Augusta National Golf Club. There is a total of 88 golfers who will compete for the title. The total prize money for the 2023 Masters’ Tournament has been revealed.

The Masters’ Tournament Prize Money 2023

The Masters’ Tournament Prize Money has been increased from $11.5 million to $15 million. The total $11m was split among the golfers in the previous year. Last year champion got $2.07m from the total payout.

In the 2023 Masters’ Tournament, $15 million will be distributed among the 50 golfers. The contest winner will get a huge payout of $2.7m and a caddie share of  $270k.

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The runner-up of the Master’s Tournament will get a $1.62 million prize share. But, the 3rd-place golfer will get a nice amount of $1.02m. The 4th spot player will get a $720k prize money from the total purse.

Position Payouts
1st $2.7m
2nd $1.62m
3rd $1.02m
4th $720k
5 $600k
6 $540k
7 $502.5k
8 $465k
9 $435k
10 $405k
11 $375k
12 $345k
13 $315k
14 $285k
15 $270k
16 $255k
17 $240k
18 $225k
19 $210k
20 $195k
21 $180k
22 $168k
23 $156k
24 $144k
25 $132k
26 $120k
27 $115.5k
28 $111k
29 $106.5k
30 $102k
31 $97.5k
32 $93k
33 $88.5k
34 $84.7k
35 $81k
36 $77k
37 $73.5k
38 $70.5k
39 $67.5k
40 $64.5k
41 $61.5k
42 $58.5k
43 $55.5k
44 $52.5k
45 $49.5k
46 $46.5K
47 $43.5K
48 $41.1k
49 $39k
50 $37.8k
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