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La Liga Standings 2023-24 | La Liga Points Table And Table

La Liga Standings & Points Table

In La Liga, where football passion runs deep, every game is a story staying to be told. This article will dive into the La Liga standings and table and how it works. Let’s kick off!

La Liga Standings 2023-24

The current season’s La Liga standings tell a charming story of competition and skill. Let’s look at the top clubs leading the charge and those striving to climb the ladder.

1Real Madrid5500103715
3Girona FC5410114713
4Athletic Club531194510
5Vanlencia CF53027439
6Rayo Vallecano530268-29
7Atletico Madrid421110467
8Cadiz CF521257-27
8Getafe CF521257-27
10Real Betis5212510-57
11Real Sociedad51318716
12CA Osasuna520378-16
13Villarreal CF5203810-26
14Deportivo Alavés520357-26
15RCD Mallorca512245-15
16RC Celta511347-34
17Sevilla FC410368-23
18Granada CF5104916-73
19UD Las Palmas502314-32
20UD Almeria5014511-61

LA Liga Standings 2022-23

2Real Madrid38246878
3Atletico Madrid38238777
4Real Sociedad38218971
5Villarreal CF381971264
6Real Betis381791260
7CA Osasuna381581553
8Athletic Club381491551
9RCD Mallorca381481650
10Girona FC3813101549
11 Rayo Vallecano3813101549
12Sevilla FC3813101549
13RC Celta3811101743
14Cadiz CF3810121642
15Getafe CF3810121642
16Valencia CF381191842
17UD Almeria381181941
18Real Valladolid381172040
19RCD Espanyol388131737
20Elche CF385102325

LA Liga Standings 2021-22

1Real Madrid38268486
3Atletico Madrid38218971
4Sevilla FC381816470
5REAL BETIS381981165
6Real Sociedad3817111062
7Villarreal CF3816111159
8Athletic Club3814131155
9Valencia CF3811151248
10CA Osasuna3812111547
11RC Celta3812101646
12Rayo Vallecano381191842
13Elche CF381191842
14RCD Espanyol3810121642
15Getafe CF388151539
16RCD Mallorca381091939
17Cadiz CF388151539
18Granada CF388141638
19Levante UD388111935
20Deportivo Alavés38872331

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La Liga Standings 2020-21

1Atletico Madrid38268486
2Real Madrid38259484
5Real Sociedad3817111061
6Real Betis3817101158
8Celta Vigo3814111346
10Athletic Bilbao3811131444
18Huesca (R)387131834

How the Points System Works

Understanding the La Liga points system is vital to learn the significance of the standings. These standings show how the teams are performing over the season.

In La Liga, the team gains 3 points for winning the match. When a game goes tied, both teams get 1 point. Goal difference can be the deciding factor when teams are tied on points.

The teams at the bottom of the table face a daunting challenge to avoid relegation. La Liga follows a promotion and demotion system with the Segunda Division. The top teams from Segunda earn a spot in La Liga, while the bottom clubs face relegation.

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La Liga’s standings and table reflect the dynamic nature of Spanish football. With robust competition at the top and the battle to avoid relegation at the bottom, every match matters. So, whether you’re cheering for Barcelona, Real Madrid, or any other team, La Liga promises excitement and unpredictability.

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