Kashmir Premier League Points Table 2023 & Team Standings

KPL Points Table

KPL Points Table

KPL Points Table 2023

Rawalakot Hawks0000000
Bagh Stallions0000000
Mirpur Royals0000000
Jammu Janbaz0000000
Muzaffarabad Tigers0000000
Kotli Lions0000000
Overseas Warriors0000000

KPL Points Table 2022

Rawalakot Hawks623015-0.613
Bagh Stallions6320170.449
Mirpur Royals6420080.409
Jammu Janbaz623015-0.322
Muzaffarabad Tigers623015-0.699
Kotli Lions6230150.457
Overseas Warriors6320170.207

KPL Points Table 2021

Rawalakot Hawks5310170.228
Muzaffarabad Tigers5320060.530
Mirpur Royals532006-0.323
Overseas Warriors532004-0.032
Bagh Stallions523004-0.201
Kotli Lions513013-0.107

Kashmir Premier League Points Format

No Result1

Note: If 2 teams have equal points, their play-off qualification will depend on Net Run Rate.


The Top 2 teams will be played with each other, and this match winner is directly available for the Final. Then the 3rd and 4th will face each other, and the winner will play with the loser of the qualifier, and then they fight for the 2nd competitor for the Final.

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