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Irani Cup Winners List From 1959 to 2023

Irani Cup Winners List

The champion of the Ranji Trophy plays the rest of India in a unique, five-day competition known as the Irani Cup. The Irani Trophy was established in 1959-60 to commemorate the end of the Ranji Trophy and was given its name in honor of the late Z.R. Irani, who worked for the BCCI for more than 40 years before passing away in 1970.

Irani Cup Winners List

The rest of India is the most successful team in the Irani cup they won the 29-times tournament. From 2019 to 2021 the tournament is not played due to the Covid-19 virus. The previous competition was won by the Rest of India after defeating Saurashtra.

2022-23 Rest of IndiaSaurashtra
2021-22Canceled due to Covid-19
2018–19VidarbhaRest Of India
2017–18VidarbhaRest Of India
2016-17Rest of IndiaGujarat
2015-16Rest of IndiaMumbai
2014-15KarnatakaRest of India
2013-14KarnatakaRest of India
2013Rest of IndiaMumbai
2012-13Rest of IndiaRajasthan
2011-12Rest of IndiaRajasthan
2010-11Rest of IndiaMumbai
2009-10Rest of IndiaMumbai
2008-09Rest of IndiaDelhi
2007-08Rest of IndiaMumbai
2006-07Rest of IndiaUttar Pradesh
2005-06RailwaysRest of India
2004-05Rest of IndiaMumbai
2003-04Rest of IndiaMumbai
2002-03RailwaysRest of India
2001-02Rest of IndiaBaroda
2000-01Rest of IndiaMumbai
1999-00Rest of IndiaKarnataka
1998-99KarnatakaRest of India
1997-98MumbaiRest of India
1996-97KarnatakaRest of India
1995-96MumbaiRest of India
1994-95MumbaiRest of India
1993-94Rest of IndiaPunjab
1992-93Rest of IndiaDelhi
1991-92HaryanaRest of India
1990-91Rest of IndiaBengal
1989-90DelhiRest of India
1988-89Tamil NaduRest of India
1987-88HyderabadRest of India
1986-87Rest of IndiaDelhi
1985-86Bombay/MumbaiRest of India
1984-85Rest of IndiaBombay
1983-84KarnatakaRest of India
1982-83Rest of IndiaDelhi
1981-82Bombay/MumbaiRest of India
1980-81DelhiRest of India
1978-79Rest of IndiaKarnataka
1977-78Rest of IndiaBombay
1976-77Bombay/MumbaiRest of India
1975-76Bombay/MumbaiRest of India
1974-75KarnatakaRest of India
1973-74Rest of IndiaBombay
1972-73Bombay/MumbaiRest of India
1971-72Rest of IndiaBombay
1970-71Bombay/MumbaiRest of India
1969-70Bombay/MumbaiRest of India
1968-69Rest of IndiaBombay/Mumbai
1967-68Bombay/MumbaiRest of India
1966-67Rest of IndiaBombay/Mumbai
1965-66Bombay & Rest of India
1963-64Bombay/MumbaiRest of India
1962-63Bombay/MumbaiRest of India
1961-62No Competition Held
1959-60Bombay/MumbaiRest of India

Most Time Irani Cup Winners List

1Rest of India29 Times
2Bombay/Mumbai15 Times
3Karnataka6 Times
4Vidarbha2 Times
5Railways2 Times
2 Times
7Haryana1 Time
8Tamil Nadu1 Time
9Hyderabad1 Time

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