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FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 Mascot

Hockey World Cup 2023 Mascot

Any person, creature, or object that is supposed to bring blessings or is used to symbolize a community with a shared public persona is referred to as a mascot. England World Cup Willie was among the earliest mascots connected to a big sporting event. But mascots for sports teams and certain events now play a big part in promoting them.

What is the Hockey World Cup 2023 Mascot?

“Olly” is the official mascot of the FIH hockey World Cup 2023 and represents the 16-team competition. Olly is the new mascot of the Mascot-verse, which has to be inspired by Olive Ridley Turtle.

Olly reflects the many thousands of miles-per-year olive ridley sea turtle, which is close to extinction. It is the world’s shortest and most common marine turtle.

Who is “Olly”?

Due to the olive-greenish colour of its heart-shaped body, the Olive Ridley turtle receives its name. The animal, among the tiniest sea turtles in the world and can only be found in tropical areas of the Indian and Atlantic oceans, is listed as a severely endangered animal. Annually, these endangered animals congregate there to lay their eggs between the third week of February and the first week of March.

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Why was “Olly ” selected as a mascot in the World Cup 2023?

The Olive Ridley turtle is at risk of extinction in Odisha. Millions of turtles travel to the shores of Rushikulya & Gahirmatha in Odisha to release their yearly eggs. Since Olly has been chosen as the mascot, this highlights and shows the connection between Odisha and Ridley Olive.

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The Olly mascot brings attention to Olive Ridley while promoting compassion and fair play inside the game. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said, “It would be a wonderful celebration of Olive Ridley turtles and our efforts to maintain their ecosystem.” As the Olive Ridley World Cup nest cove, Odisha invites the world.

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Facts About Hockey World Cup 2023 Mascot

The residents of Kendrapara, scientists, conservationists, and turtle fans expressed their gratitude to Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. This time for announcing the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle as the official mascot of the 2023 Hockey World Cup.

The Asian Athletics Championships’ mascot, Olly, was introduced by Odisha in 2017. Two men worked on the inside of the venue and one outside of the venue to portray Olly.

Soon, in 2017, Odisha announced that “Olly” is the official mascot for all sports, including international and local competitions, to be performed in the region.

Olly has been named the official mascot of the Bhubaneswar-hosted Hockey World Cup & World Hockey League championships.

Around 40 students from the Institute of Digital Media Technology, India (IDMT.In) debuted their interpretation of the Hockey World Cup mascot “Olly” in 2018.

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The team’s mascot had a hockey stick in its hand and was dressed in white slacks, a blue shirt, and a yellow cap with the words “My heart beats for hockey” printed on it.

hockey world cup mascot 2018

Using animation & writing, it was hoped to excite young people’s interest in hockey & turtles.

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