Top 7 Highest Paid Football Commentators

7 Best Highest Paid Football Commentators

When you turn on a professional sporting game, the only individuals who are guaranteed to be making millions of dollars are the players and coaches. But those aren’t the only people.

The World Series, significant golf events, and college football and basketball games included well-paid voices like Jim Nantz, Joe Buck, and Al Michaels. The Super Bowl is broadcast on a few different networks each year, and these networks take turns promoting the game.

The list does not include people who present daily shows, such as Jim Rome, Pat McAfee, Michael Strahan, or Stephen A. Smith.

Instead, the attention is on the play-by-play announcers and the colour commentators.

List Of 7 Best Highest Paid Football Commentators

Mike Tirico

Mike Tirico has had a rich life filled with many different adventures.

Tirico worked for ESPN for 25 years and held various positions there. Before he started working for NBC, though, he was most known for his work as the play-by-play announcer for Monday Night Football from 2006 until 2015.

Since his arrival, Tirico has contributed to various fields, including the National Football League and the National Hockey League, as well as the Olympics, golf, and horse racing. He is expected to formally take over for Al Michaels as the play-by-play announcer for Sunday Night Football, beginning with the 2022 NFL season.

According to a claim by Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, Tirico makes $10.5 million annually.

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Jim Nantz

Jim Nantz takes over as the most prominent voice on the sports calendar at the beginning of April.

He is in charge of the coverage for The Masters, the first major golf tournament held yearly. After that, he is responsible for the weekend rounds of various PGA Tour events throughout the year. In addition, he calls the games for the men’s NCAA tournament, serving as a play-by-play announcer for the whole March Madness event, beginning with the first round and going all the way through the final four.

In the fall, he joins Tony Romo on the top crew for CBS broadcasts of National Football League games. It is Nantz’s turn to call the Super Bowl this year since that is how the rotation works.

Marchand stated that CBS had offered Nantz a salary of up to $10.5 million in the most recent round of contract negotiations.

Al Michaels

Al Michaels’s name has been virtually inseparable from coverage of prime-time events for over half a century.

He was the announcer for the 1980 Winter Olympics and various World Series, including the “Miracle on Ice.” Beginning in 1986, he was in charge of Monday Night Football on ABC until 2006, when he decided to withdraw from the position.

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His skills moved Michaels to NBC due to a historic deal that saw “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” return to its original Disney home. Up to the 2021 season, he was the play-by-play announcer for the Sunday Night Football broadcast.

Michaels “will be paid near the Joe Buck area” $15 million yearly to head Amazon’s broadcast of Thursday Night Football, according to Marchand, who said that Michaels will lead the broadcast.

Joe Buck

During the offseason duration, there was a lot of movement in the NFL broadcasting world, and Joe Buck was one of the broadcasters who shifted to the four-letter network.

According to Marchand, Buck has agreed with ESPN to call Monday Night Football for the next five years in exchange for $75 million.

Even if he did not find it surprising, Buck found it to be a significant change. He began his career in the commentary industry in 1994 when he became a member of the Fox Sports team. His primary responsibilities were serving as the play-by-play voice for the NFL on Fox and the World Series. In addition to that, he occasionally made contributions to big golf competitions.

Buck will continue to work alongside Troy Aikman, who has been his broadcast partner at Fox for the past two decades, in his new capacity.

Kirk Herbstreit

It would appear that Kirk Herbstreit has taken the recommendation to heart, as he has been awarded not one but two hefty contracts.

Since starting for ESPN in 1996, the former Ohio State quarterback has established himself as one of the most known faces associated with the network’s college football coverage. According to Marchand, he earns approximately $6 million annually as one of the most prominent College GameDay analysts and the colour commentator for ABC’s prime-time games.

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After years of rumours that he was interested in working for the NFL, Herbstreit finally got a position as the analyst for Thursday Night Football with Amazon through 2022 and beyond. Marchand stated that he would receive a salary in the eight figures.

Therefore, Herbstreit will receive over $16 million in annual compensation between the two contracts.

Troy Aikman

The future Professional Football Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman moved to ESPN not long before Buck did the same thing.

Aikman resigned from his job at Fox, where he had been employed since 2001, to become a colour commentator for Monday Night Football. Marchand mentioned that Aikman had signed a deal for around $90 million over five years.

Aikman will have been in six different Super Bowl telecasts by the 2021 season, beginning when ABC broadcasts the game in 2026, which is the year. That is now slated to be his last under the terms of his contract. He is likely to work the next one.

Tony Romo

After Tony Romo finished his career as a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, CBS lost no time in pairing him with Jim Nantz as the colour commentator for Cowboys games.

Romo took over for Phil Simms as the top duo on the network for the 2017 season and received accolades almost immediately. While bringing a youthful spirit to the CBS booth, Romo wowed viewers with his ability to foresee plays, even if he hasn’t been as good in recent weeks.

Consequently, according to Marchand, CBS offered Romo 10 years and $180 million in 2022 while ESPN attempted to entice him away from the network.

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