FIS Cross Country World Cup Prize Money 2022-23

FIS Cross Country World Cup Prize Money

The FIS Cross-Country world cup is managed by the International Ski Federation. The tournament has start on November 25 and ends on 26 March 2023. The competition will take a break in February, and March because of the World Championships in Planica. The FIS Cross Country World Cup payout has been announced.

FIS Cross Country World Cup Prize Money

40k CHF prize money is fixed for the FIS Cross Country World Cup 2023. The total payout of the tournament will distribute between the 1st to 20th place. According to the news, 5k CHF is offered to every champion on the stage.

The first position player will receive a 10k CHF prize share. The 2nd position player will receive a 5.7k CHf prize money, and the 3rd spot will get a 5k prize pool. The 4th place will take a 4k CHF prize, and the 5th place will earn a 3k CHF payout.

StandingsPrize Money
1st10,000 CHF
2nd7,500 CHF
3rd5,000 CHF
4th4,000 CHF
5th3,000 CHF
6th2,000 CHF
7th1,500 CHF
8th1,100 CHF
9th1,000 CHF
10th900 CHF
11th800 CHF
12th700 CHF
13th600 CHF
14th500 CHF
15th400 CHF
16th300 CHF
17th250 CHF
18th200 CHF
19th150 CHF
20th100 CHF

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How Much Do Individuals Prize Money for Finals?

The prize pool is set for the finals of the individual sprints up to 30k CHF. The purse was split between the top 6 finishers in the tournament.

StandingsPrize Money
1st12k CHF
2nd8k CHF
3rd4k CHF
4th3k CHF
5th2k CHF
6th1k CHF

Prize Pool for the Finalists of the World Cup

The player will win the world cup final match will get a 22k CHF prize pool. The runner-up will get a 17.5k CHF payout, and the 3rd place will fill his pockets with the 11k price share.

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