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FIFA Women’s World Cup Hosts From 1991 to 2023

FIFA Women's World Cup Hosts List

The FIFA Women’s World Cup has become vital to the global sporting landscape. It showcases women’s soccer extraordinary talent worldwide. In this tournament’s history, various countries served as hosts.

FIFA Women’s World Cup Hosts List

Year Hosts
2023 Australia/New Zealand
2019 France
2015 Canada
2011 Germany
2007 China
2003 USA
1999 USA
1995 Sweden
1991 China

Australia/New Zealand (2023)

New Zealand and Australia will host the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 together. It is the first time in the tournament era that it will host by more than one nation. 

It is the tournament’s first time to be held across multiple confederations, with Australia in the Asian Confederation & New Zealand in the Oceania Confederation.

France (2019)

The Women’s World Cup 2019 hosted by France was a resounding success. The contest captured the world’s attention with passionate crowds and incredible performances on the field.

The French organizers delivered a memorable event, highlighting the immense potential of women’s football.

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Canada (2015)

Canada hosted the tournament in 2015, spreading the spirit of women’s soccer nationwide. The event received fantastic support from Canadians, breaking attendance records and leaving a long-lasting impact on the development of women’s football.

Germany’s (2011)

Germany hosted the 2011 Women’s World Cup and welcomed the Fans to their shores. This tournament set new attendance records, media coverage, and overall presentation. The love and spirit displayed by fans increased women’s football’s growth.

United States (1999)

The turn of the millennium returned the Women’s World Cup to the USA. This competition marked a turning point, captivating the world with unforgettable moments, including Brandi Chastain’s iconic celebration.

The event solidified the United States’ dominance in women’s football and inspired countless young girls to pursue their dreams.

Sweden (1995)

Four years later, the event headed to Sweden. The event showcased the critical progress made in female soccer since the first edition. The competition drew record-breaking crowds, indicating the rising popularity of the sport.

China (1991)

China is the first nation in the FIFA Women’s World Cup hosts list who host the first Women’s World Cup. Eight countries battled it out on the field, and the United States emerged as the victors, igniting a passion for female football that continues to grow.

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