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Deodhar Trophy Winners List From 1973 to Present

Deodhar Trophy Winners List

Due to sponsoring, the Deodhar Trophy is also called the Mastercard Devdhar Trophy. It is an Indian List A county cricket competition.

It is a 50-over knockout tournament that honors D. B. Deodhar and is held annually between the three national level sides, India A, India B, & India C. India B currently holds the title after beating India C by 51 runs in the 2019–20 final.

Deodhar Trophy Winners List

2019India BIndia C
2018India CIndia B
2017India BKarnataka
2016Tamil NaduIndia B
2015India AIndia B
2014East ZoneWest Zone
2013West ZoneNorth Zone
2012West ZoneNorth Zone
2011West ZoneNorth Zone
2010North ZoneWest Zone
2009North ZoneWest Zone
2008West ZoneEast Zone
2007Central ZoneWest Zone
2006West ZoneCentral Zone
2005North ZoneSouth Zone
2004North ZoneWest Zone
2003East ZoneSouth Zone
2002North ZoneWest Zone
2001South ZoneWest Zone
2000South Zone & Central Zone
1999North ZoneWest Zone
1998Central ZoneNorth Zone
1997North ZoneWest Zone
1996East ZoneWest Zone
1995North ZoneSouth Zone
1994Central ZoneNorth Zone
1993East ZoneSouth Zone
1992East ZoneNorth Zone
1991South ZoneCentral Zone
1990West ZoneEast Zone
1989North ZoneSouth Zone
1988North ZoneSouth Zone
1987North ZoneWest Zone
1986North ZoneWest Zone
1985West ZoneNorth Zone
1984West ZoneNorth Zone
1983West ZoneNorth Zone
1982West ZoneNorth Zone
1981South ZoneCentral Zone
1980South ZoneWest Zone
1979West ZoneNorth Zone
1978South ZoneNorth Zone
1977North ZoneWest Zone
1976Central ZoneSouth Zone
1975West ZoneSouth Zone
1974South ZoneWest Zone
1973South ZoneWest Zone

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Most Time Deodhar Trophy Winners List

1West Zone12 Times
2North Zone13 Times
3South Zone8 Times
4East Zone5 Times
5Central Zone5 Times
6India B2 Times
7India A1 Time
8India C1 Time
9Tamil Nadu1 Time
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