BKFC 41 Fighters Salaries | Mike Perry vs Luke Rockhold Salary

BKFC 41 Fighters Salaries

In the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) 41, the passion and raw power of bare-knuckle fighting take center stage. Get ready for a big event as the official fight card for BKFC 41 has been unveiled.

This anticipated event will show you a great clash between two fighters, Mike Perry and Luke Rockhold. But also, the co-main contest will feature an thrilling encounter between Chad Mendes & Eddie Alvarez.

With such star-studded matchups, the BKFC promoters expect massive revenue by pay-per-view on the fight day. We will tell you about the reported salaries and payouts for the fighters participating in BKFC 41.

BKFC 41 Fighters Salaries

Fighters Total Payouts Salary Win Bonus
Mike Perry $250k $250k
Luke Rockhold $200k $200k
Chad Mendes $150k $150k
Eddie Alvarez $200k $200k
Christine Ferea $120k $60k $60k
Bec Rawlings $100k $100k
Ben Rothwell $150k $75k $75k
Josh Copeland $40k $40k
Chris Camozzi $50k $25k $25k
Dan Spohn $20k $20k
Brandon Girtz $24k $12k $12k
Christian Torres $10k $10k N/A
James Brown $7k $7k $7k
Mike Alvarado $5k $5k

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Highest Paid Fighter in BKFC 41

At BKFC 41, Mike Perry is set to become the highest-paid fighter. Perry’s financial compensation reflects earning $250k from his contract and other sources. As the event’s main attraction, he is guaranteed to receive this substantial sum. But, his opponent will not be left empty-handed, as they are expected to earn a revenue of $200k from the pay-per-view.

Mike Perry BKFC vs UFC Salary

Despite his impressive skills and captivating performances, Mike Perry’s UFC salary earnings were disappointing. Throughout his UFC career, the fighter earned an average of just over $100k per fight.

Perry’s highest UFC pay was $190k from his bout against Mickey Gall. In a surprising twist, Perry’s salary in BKFC exceeds his UFC earnings significantly. In BKFC, his salary ranges between $200k and $250k per fight, almost double what he earned in the UFC.

Mike Perry vs Luke Rockhold BKFC Fight Salary

According to various sources, Rockhold is poised to earn an impressive sum ranging from $700k to $800k, making it significant pay for the accomplished fighter. On the other hand, Perry, known for his relentless fighting style, is expected to receive a paycheck of around $500k marking the highest pay of his career thus far. 

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