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Asia Cup Qualifiers 2023

Asia Cup Qualifiers

Asia Cup is a One-day international format played but later changed in 2016. After that, it was played in the T20 form in 2016, and the Asian Cricket Council decided that international and T20 would be played alternatively.

Asia Cup was agreed to be played in Sri Lanka. Still, later on, it was decided to be played in UAE because the country is going through some significant issues nowadays.

So, they have decided to shift it because of financial and political crises. But, in 2022, six teams will be playing in this edition, which has qualified India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. One team from Hong Kong, Kuwait, etc., will be eligible and join them.

Asia Cup Qualifiers 2023

The qualifiers will be played from 20th-26th August 2022, officially announced and confirmed by the Asian Cricket Council. So, the qualified team will play with men’s teams from UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuwait, etc., and one will be eligible to play for the Asia Cup’s main draw.

At the same time, the qualifier event will take place in Oman. Whoever will be the qualifier will be grouped into Pakistan and India.

The different groups that qualify will join Afghanistan and Bangladesh. UAE has qualified for the ICC men’s T20 World Cup from a Global qualifier.

At the same time, the other teams, like Singapore and Hong Kong, couldn’t qualify for the semi-finals of Global Qualifier B, which was scheduled back in July this year in Zimbabwe.

But, the final tournament will be played In UAE, according to the president of ACC:

Jay Shah has recently stated that:

“Every effort was made to host the Asia Cup in Sri Lanka, and the decision to shift the venue to the UAE was taken after much deliberation,” Asian Cricket Council (ACC) President Jay Shah said in a press release on Wednesday.”


Which teams will participate in Asia Cup 2023?

India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh will compete in the Asia Cup 2023.

How many overs are in the Asia Cup 2023?

However, that format was fifty-over. This year, the Asia Cup will once again be a 50-over competition.

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