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Asia Cup History, Winners, Hosts, & Runners-ups

List of Asia Cup History Winners, Hosts, and Runners-up

Asia cup History: It started in 1984 and was held in UAE till almost 14 cups have been played, and it is considered one of the reputable tournaments. This year it will be starting from 27th August till 11th September.

Every eye will be over the trophy of all the participants. India won the Asia cup 2018 as it is also considered the most successful team in the Asia cup. Usually, Asia cups are played in UAE because it is the most convenient place for the organizers and the audience.

At the start, it was scheduled to be played every two years, alternating after every two years in both formats.

Additionally, teams often boycotted the cup. Like in 1986, India boycotted it because there were some problems between Srilanka and India. Later, in 1990-91, Pakistan boycotted because of their political relationships and a rivalry between India and Pakistan.

Only because of this, the tournament of 1993 was canceled by ACC. Afterward, it was officially announced that the game would be played bi-yearly from 2009, and ICC gave them the status of ODI.

Then in 2015, it was announced that from 2016 this tournament would be played alternatively.

Asia Cup History Of Tournaments:

Here we will briefly describe all the tournaments of the Asia cup:

1: Asia cup 1984:

It is the inaugural edition of the Asia cup that was played in UAE; only three Asian teams participated in it Pakistan, India, and Sri lanka. It was also won by India while Sri lanka ended up as the runner-up.

2: Asia cup 1986:

It was scheduled in Sri lanka while India boycotted that year because of some political problems with Sri lanka. Instead of India, Bangladesh participated for the first time, but Sri lanka won it while Pakistan ended up as the runner-up.

3: Asia cup 1988:

This year Asia cup was scheduled in Bangladesh for the first time, and India became the winners this year as well by defeating Sri lanka for the second time.

4: Asia cup 1990:

This year Asia cup was held in India, so Pakistan boycotted it because of a rivalry between both countries since their partition. So, India won those tournaments as well, while Srilanka became runner-up.

5: Asia cup 1995:

This Asia cup was the fifth edition played in UAE, and India won it by defeating Srilanka. India qualified for the finals because of the excellent run rate.

6: Asia cup 1997:

It was the sixth edition of the Asia cup that was played in Srilanka, and this year as well, India and Srilanka were made to the finals. But, this time, Srilanka won the trophy by defeating India badly.

7: Asia cup 2000:

This time Asia cup was hosted by Bangladesh, and this year Pakistan and Srilanka made their way to the finals, and Pakistan took the trophy home. This was the first time after many editions that Pakistan won. Unfortunately, all the defending champions like India and Srilanka couldn’t beat it.

8: Asia cup 2004:

Srilanka hosted this cup, and two different teams also played it, Hong Kong and UAE, for the first time. But, it was won by Srilanka while India ended up as runner-up.

9: Asia cup 2008:

This was the first Asia cup scheduled in Pakistan, and Srilanka and India both qualified for the finals, but unfortunately, India lost, and Srilanka won it by 100 runs.

10: Asia cup 2012:

It was the 11th edition of the Asia cup, scheduled in Bangladesh, Dhaka. Bangladesh and Pakistan both qualified for the finals, and in the last over, Pakistan turned out the tables and won the trophy.

11: Asia cup 2014:

It was also hosted in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and it was the first time when Afghanistan joined the tournament, so a total of 5 teams played the game that year, but Pakistan won it, and it was a great victory as they defeated Pakistan by five wickets.

12: Asia cup 2016:

It was announced that from 2016 this tournament would be played alternatively, so this year it was played in T20 format. India won it while Bangladesh ended up as the runner ups and lost the match by eight wickets.

13: Asia cup 2018:

According to the announcement of ICC, this cup was played in ODI format, and India won the title against Bangladesh after an excellent and competitive match.

Shikhar Dhawan was awarded the player of the series because of his hard work and efforts as he scored 342 runs in 5 games, and it’s an outstanding achievement.

Asia Cup Winners & Runner-Ups

Year Teams Hosts Format Winners Runner-up
1984 3 UAE ODI India Sri Lanka
1986 3 Sri Lanka ODI Sri Lanka Pakistan
1988 4 Bangladesh ODI India Sri Lanka
1990/91 3 India ODI India Sri Lanka
1995 4 UAE ODI India Sri Lanka
1997 4 Sri Lanka ODI Sri Lanka India
2000 4 Bangladesh ODI Pakistan Sri Lanka
2004 6 Sri Lanka ODI Sri Lanka India
2008 6 Pakistan ODI Sri Lanka India
2010 4 Sri Lanka ODI India Sri Lanka
2012 4 Bangladesh ODI Pakistan Bangladesh
2014 5 Bangladesh ODI Sri Lanka Pakistan
2016 5 Bangladesh T20I India Bangladesh
2018 6 UAE ODI India Bangladesh
2022 6 UAE T20I Sri Lanka Pakistan
2023 N/A Pakistan ODI N/A N/A

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