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List of World Cup 2022 Banned Things in Qatar

World Cup 2022 Banned Things in Qatar

From November 20 to December 18, 32 teams will compete in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar to make history and claim the trophy. Huge controversies have, though, also enveloped the tournament. Several human rights abuses have been reported, particularly the deaths of migrant laborers employed to build the World Cup’s structure.

In addition, drinking, betting, and homosexuality are banned in Qatar due to their strict religiosity. However, with Qatar allowing the restricted drinking of beer in designated places, the alcohol ban has been partly relaxed.

Numerous LGBTQ supporters have expressed concern about their safety in Qatar due to the country’s anti-homosexuality policies.

While the World Cup organizers have made an effort to ease supporters’ fears, they have also added caution to respect Qatar’s culture, leading to mistrust among fans. In addition, many fans were incensed by Qatar’s restriction on many items, including sex toys and tight clothing.

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World Cup 2022 Banned Things in Qatar

The sale of alcohol in Qatar was a significant concern between FIFA and the Qatari government. Since many years ago, the American beverage juggernaut Budweiser has been one of the FIFA World Cup’s key partners, permitting them to sell beer in stadiums, fan parks, and other locations.

Qatari law, however, severely limits its sale. Finally, a deal was struck when Qatar agreed to permit the sale of alcohol inside fan zones in Doha. Nevertheless, beer will only be available from 6:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. Beer may be purchased all day long during previous World Cups.

Also, Qatar has enacted a “sin tax” on alcohol, which means that a pint of beer may cost as much as € 20. But, carrying alcohol into the country is still banned, and any such items as vapes, narcotics, etc., will be seized at the airport.

Betting is not permitted in the nation. Yet, the growth of internet bookmakers will make it possible for fans to bet securely on games outside of Qatar.

A further prohibition on pornography prevents fans from streaming or bringing sexy movies into Qatar. Additionally, sex toys are not allowed in Qatar. Additionally, those who flaunt their love in public risk getting arrested.

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However, the safety of gay supporters who travel with the team is a concern that has lingered over the World Cup. In Qatar, homosexuality is a crime, and fans who violate the law risk receiving prison sentences.

Additionally, the government has outlawed skimpy clothes because it is required by law for non-resident women to wear clothing that covers their shoulders and knees. Finally, since pork is prohibited in Islamic nations, Middle Eastern meals, primarily non-vegetarian dishes, won’t be available.

What Have The Official Announcement By Qatar?

Qatari officials have promised that supporters won’t be in danger if they respect the nation’s traditions.

Nasser Al Khater, the head of Qatar’s World Cup preparations, has stated, “All we ask is that people respect the culture. As long as no one is harmed or negatively affected by your actions, and you don’t damage any public land, everyone is invited, and nothing to fear about.

One of the highest-ranking Qatari officials, Major General Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Ansari, has stated that supporters of homosexuality are permitted to display LGBTQ emblems. However, he did issue a warning over the stadium’s blatant display of LGBTQ emblems.

Al Ansari claimed that if he (a fan) hoisted the rainbow flag and I took it away from him, it wasn’t out of a desire to disrespect him seriously. But, since someone else around might assault him if it’s not me, I can’t vouch for how everyone will act as a group. And I’ll tell him, “Please don’t raise that flag now.”

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