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Women’s Super Smash 2022-23 Points Table

Women's Super Smash 2022-23 Points Table

Women’s Super Smash Points Table

Women’s Super Smash 2022-23 Points Table

1Wellington Blaze10810341.597
2Otago Sparks10630260.276
3Canterbury Magicians1064024-0.137
4Auckland Hearts1054022-0.066
5Northern Brave Women1016010-0.85
6Central Hinds101904-1.076

Women’s Super Smash 2021-22 Points Table

1Wellington Blaze101000382.673
2Otago Sparks10850320.595
3Auckland Hearts1052020-0.461
 4Canterbury Magicians1046016-0.326
5Central Hinds102808-0.682
6Northern Brave Women101904-1.613

Women’s Super Smash 2020-21 Points Table

1Canterbury Magicians(Q)10721300.781
2Auckland Hearts(Q)10721300.275
3Wellington Blaze(Q)10730282.196
4Northern Spirit1037012-0.865
5Otago Sparks1037012-1.31
6Central Hinds102908-1.168

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