Terra Wortmann Open Prize Money

Terra Wortmann Open Prize Money

The Terra Wortmann Open is also famous as the Halle Open because of its sponsorship. It is an ATP 500 tennis event held on grass courts in Halle, Germany. The Halle Open is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2023. The Halles Open 2023 will be held from 19 June to 25 June 2023 at OWL Arena.

Here is the breakdown of the prize money for the singles and doubles events:

Terra Wortmann Open Prize Money 2023

The total payout for the Terra Wortmann Open 2023 is €2,195,175, representing a 2.84% increase compared to the previous year.

The Single Halle Open champion will take €477,795 prize money from the total fund. The Single stage finalist will get a €220,880 prize share. The 3rd place player will grab €117,715 reward. The 4th place player in the standings will earn €60,145.

The Doubles Halles Open winners will receive a nice payout of €134,840. The doubles runner-ups will be rewarded with an amount of €71,910. The semi-finalists of the double round will take prize money of €36,380.

RankSingle PayoutDouble Payout
Round 2€32,105€9,420
Round 1€17,120

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Terra Wortmann Open Prize Money 2022

RankSingle PayoutDouble Payout
Round 2€31,215€9,160
Round 1€16,650

Terra Wortmann Open Payout History

YearTotal Payout
2023€ 2,195,175
2022€ 2,134,520
2021€ 1,318,605
2020Not played
2019€ 2,081,830
2018€ 1,983,595
2017€ 1,836,660
2016€ 1,700,610
2015€ 1,574,640
2014€ 711,010
2013€ 683,665
2012€ 663,750
2011€ 663,750
2010€ 663,750
2009€ 663,750
2008€ 692k
2007€ 775k
2006€ 775k
2005€ 775k
2004€ 767k
2003€ 775k
2002€ 736k
2001€ 975k
2000€ 975k
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