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Super Bowl Prize Money 2023 | How Much Do Winning Team Players Earn?

Super Bowl Prize Money

The Super Bowl 2023 final match has been taking place on 13 Feb. The final match will play between the Philadelphia Eagles vs Kansas City Chiefs at State Farm Stadium. The players from the winning club will get a set share of the player pool money. The Super Bowl 2023 prize money has been confirmed.

Super Bowl Prize Money 2023

The total Super Bowl prize money for 2023 will set is $300k. Each member of the winning team will get a handsome amount of $200k. Every player of 53 man squad of the runners-up team will get the prize of $100k.

Position Prize Money
Winners $200k
Runner-ups $100k

How Much Will Winning & Losing Teams Earn in Super Bowl?

In 2021, Every player on the winning team received a share of $125k. While in the 2022 season, each player of the winning team received a portion of $150k.

But Super Bowl funding has somewhat increased. In Super Bowl 2023, every player of the Winning team will get $200k prize money.

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In the 2022 Super Bowl, the losing team filled his pocket with the prize money of $75k. But, the amount of Super Bowl players’ pay has risen by 5% to 20% annually. Each player of the losing team will get a $100k prize share from the total super Bowl LVII prize money.

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