Shahnawaz Dahani Serve Sweets on the Birth of Salman Agha Son

Shahnawaz Dahani Serve Sweets on the Birth of Salman Agha Son

Shahnawaz Dahani, a Pakistani pacer who does not play for the team, continues to get noticed for his antics off the field. After he transformed into a “Mithai Wala” in the national camp, his most recent act garnered a lot of attention on social media.

After the training session, the Pakistani squad celebrated the birth of Salman Ali Agha’s kid. Shahnawaz, who is known for having a positive attitude, had the pleasure of giving out the candies to the players and the supporters.

Shahnawaz Dahani’s supporters came together to thank him for his kind deeds. It is important to remember that Shahnawaz received high accolades when Pakistan met India during the T20 World Cup since he was paired with MS Dhoni and helped to elevate perceptions of the two countries rivalry.

In the opening ODI, Pakistan defeated the Netherlands by a margin of 16 runs. The ICC World Cup Super League, which will decide who qualifies for the World Cup, includes the three-match ODI series.

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