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MLC Points Table & Team Standings

MLC Points Table

Cricket fans, get ready to dive into the MLC Points Table and explore the dynamics of this tournament. This guide will explain how the points table works and what it means for your favorite teams.

MLC Points Table

MLC 2023 Points Table

Seattle Orcas5410080.725
Texas Super Kings5320060.570
Washington Freedom5320060.097
MI New York5230041.004
San Francisco Unicorns523004-0.303
Los Angeles Knight Riders514002-2.028

Understanding the MLC Points Table

The Major League Cricket Points Table is a vital part of the tournament, visualizing each team’s performance in the season. It’s the scoreboard that determines a team’s standing in the competition.

Points Allocation System

To understand the points table, learning how points are assigned is vital. In MLC, teams earn points based on the result of their games:

  • Win: A team gains 2 points for winning a game.
  • Tie: In a tie, both sides get 1 point.
  • No Result: Matches abandoned or canceled due to weather or other reasons result in 1 fact for each team.
  • Loss: If a team loses a match, they earn 0 points.

The Impact of Net Run Rate

While points determine a team’s position in the Points Table, While the net run rate plays a role in the case of tie-in points, let’s explore this concept.

Calculating Net Run Rate

The net run rate is calculated by subtracting the total runs a team concedes from the runs they score and dividing it by the number of overs they have faced.

Net Run Rate = (Total Runs Scored – Total Runs Conceded) / Total Overs Faced

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