Best Cheapest Auto Insurance For Sports Cars

Best Cheapest Auto Insurance For Sports Cars

Having a sports car has certain distinct advantages, but it can also have the most expensive insurance. So these cars are more likely to be involved in crashes and have higher repair expenses, and risk of theft.

Insurance for sports cars is more expensive than that for regular cars. But, some companies have more reasonable coverage alternatives than others. It’s important to compare quotes from many providers to discover the best deal for you.

You must buy an insurance policy that offers the protection you need to secure both you and your vehicle. when you buy a sports car, just like when you buy a sedan or a truck. Your insurance company will require details about your sports automobile to calculate the amount of your insurance.

What is Sports Car Insurance?

The standard car insurance for a sports model is referred to as “sports car insurance.” A sports car typically costs more to buy outright and is seen as a higher risk by insurance companies, so drivers pay more.

Sports cars frequently have strong engines that are simple for drivers to accelerate to high speeds, increasing the risk of an accident or a traffic infraction. Due to the high cost of manufacturing their parts, sports cars typically cost more to fix and replace. As a result, drivers must pay more for insurance on sports cars.

Regular Car & Sports Car Insurance Difference?

The first thing to understand is that insurance for sports cars functions quite similarly to other types of auto insurance. The problem is that it will often cost more and might include special insurance.

Driving a car with more speed is going to cause you to go faster. The chance of an accident increases as you drive faster.

Also, as the cost of auto insurance is mostly determined by your risk level, your required coverages and prices will need to go up.

What is Covered By Sports Car Insurance?

Basic damages & fault insurance are included in sports vehicle insurance. As like with regular basic auto insurance. Even so, the majority of full-coverage sports vehicle insurance packages will incorporate a combination of:

  • Provides for any physical harm and loss of property caused by an accident to other people, their vehicles, and/or their assets.
  • Covers any damage your car sustains in an accident.
  • Covers damage to your car from theft, vandalism, and other occurrences that don’t involve an accident.
  • If you have a classic sports car so, old car insurance may be able to offer you a greater financial recovery in the possibility that your vehicle is destroyed than ordinary auto insurance.
  • Covers the cost of replacing or fixing stolen or damaged sound system equipment.
  • If your pet happens to be in the car with you when an accident occurs and they get hurt, they’ll pay for their medical care.
  • In the matter of an accident, pays for the costs related to injuries to you or your passengers.
  • Aids in covering lost wages or child care costs as well as personal medical fees incurred as a result of an accident.

What Do Insurance Firms Consider To Be Sports Cars?

Every insurance agency has its own set of guidelines for classifying sports vehicles. As a general rule, insurance companies categorize cars as sports cars if they include the following characteristics:

  • Superior power
  • A supercharged motor
  • Soft backs on two seats
  • Larger-than-350-cubic-inch engine
  • Less strong and lightweight than a typical automobile.

Which Insurance Groups Cover Sports Cars?

From 1 to 50, there are different insurance classes for automobiles, with 50 being the most costly. Sports cars are classified as belonging to higher premium groups as, from the perspective of insurance companies, they are more dangerous than less powerful automobiles.

Insurance companies determine an automobile’s group by considering a wide range of factors, such as the cost of the automobile when it was new, its best speed, the worth of its parts, and how possible it is that it will be theft.

Rate Comparison of Sports Car Insurance

Due to their superior efficiency and high price tags, supercars like the McLaren F1, Ferrari Enzo, or Bugatti Veyron are not included in our list of sports cars.

Also, using a typical, mainstream insurance agency to insure that sort of car would be challenging. Because of the particular insurance needed, coverage would most likely be provided by an insurer that specializes in exotic, high-performance cars.

Make/Model Annual Cost Monthly Cost
Mazda MX-5 Miata $1,630 $136
Audi TT $1,828 $152
Ford Mustang $1,914 $160
BMW Z4 $1,928 $161
Subaru WRX $1,948 $162
Nissan Z $1,978 $165
Toyota GR Supra $2,010 $168
Toyota GR86 $2,034 $170
BMW M2 $2,036 $170
Subaru BRZ $2,128 $177
Chevrolet Corvette $2,176 $181
BMW M3 $2,224 $185
Lexus RC F $2,270 $189
Porsche 718 $2,272 $189
Chevrolet Camaro $2,310 $193
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT53 $2,448 $204
Jaguar F-Type $2,534 $211
Porsche Taycan $2,590 $216
BMW M4 $2,622 $219
Lexus LC 500 $2,652 $221

What Details Do You Need To Get Insurance For Sports Cars?

  • The first question an insurance agent will ask you when you apply for insurance is about the model, maker, and performance of the vehicle.
  • Then, they’ll ask you about the car’s horsepower and cylinder count and the faster you drive, the riskier it is for the insurance company to cover the automobile.
  • Another factor the insurance agency will take into mind is the price you pay for insurance for the sports car. They’ll also need to know the vehicle’s height and weight.
  • Sports car insurance may be very expensive, and the more horsepower and expensive your car, the more expensive your insurance will be.

Best Cheapest Insurance For Sports Cars

If you pick the correct insurance, you might drive a sports car and pay affordable insurance costs. The typical yearly insurance costs for these affordable sports cars range from $1178 to $2810.

Each sports car has a different insurance price. For instance, the annual premium for a BMW i8 would be about $2,810. You’ll typically pay $1,178 less for coverage if you drive a Porsche Taycan.

Choosing the most reasonable insurance for your vehicle is essential because insurance costs for different sports motorcars and companies can vary greatly.

The cost of insurance for several sports vehicle models is displayed in the table below.

Sports Car Average Cost Per Year
Porsche Taycan $1,178
Nissan 350Z  $1,197
Fiat 124 Spyder $1,353
Ford Mustang EcoBoost $1,359
Subaru WRX $1,442
Chevrolet Camaro LS $1,462
Subaru BRZ $1,495
Chevrolet Camaro SS  $1,525
Dodge Challenger R/T $1,553
BMW Z4 Roadster $1,561
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray $1,562
Ford Mustang GT $1,571
Porsche Boxster $1,580
Toyota 86 $1,629
Chevrolet Corvette $1,680
Nissan 370Z $1,692
Ford Mustang Mach-E $1,784
Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 $1,941
Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat $2,512
Nissan GT-R $2,520
BMW i8 $2,810

How to Get Affordable Insurance For Sports Cars?

You have already checked that the rates for protecting your premium sports vehicle have significantly higher. But, there are steps you may take to help reduce the price of insurance, Like as:

  • Ensure that your driving history and credit rating are both decent.
  • Being above 25 will result in cheaper rates.
  • Increase your demand: Your premiums will decrease with a bigger deductible.
  • Be sure your vehicle has several safety systems, such as anti-lock braking, airbags, and anti-theft technology.
  • Utilize a less dangerous vehicle more frequently, and only use your sports car for exceptional events.
  • Do insurance for all of your vehicles, as well as your homes with the same insurance agent.

Best Cheapest Sports Cars Insurance Companies

Sports car insurance is approached by insurance companies in various ways. Some will charge you more, classify you as high-risk, and only accept you if you’re willing to pay excessive money.

Others target drivers with low mileage who are overpaying for insurance packages. Here is the list of the best companies for sports cars insurance that give you insurance at low rates:

Insurance Company Monthly Quote
Travelers $127
Anchor $122
Mile Auto $119
Kemper Preferred $118
Novo $114
21st Century $113
TSC Direct $106
USH&C $91
Farmers $87
Metromile $86

Best Cheapest States for Sports Cars Insurance

Your automobile insurance prices are strongly affected by your region along with variables like your credit report, type of car, and driving record. These are the standard fees paid by sports car owners.

State Monthly Quote
Nevada $473
Louisiana $370
Michigan $332
Georgia $279
Colorado $258
Connecticut $258
Maryland $258
Florida $257
Delaware $228
New Jersey $217
Kentucky $209
Missouri $208
California $204
Arizona $175
Mississippi $175
Alabama $168
Arkansas $166
Minnesota $157
Montana $154
Kansas $149
Alaska $146
Iowa $142
Illinois $136
Idaho $135
New Hampshire $135
Massachusetts $134
Nebraska $130
Indiana $126
Hawaii $89
Maine $81

How Much is the Average Cost of Insurance For Sports Cars?

An average sports car from the 2023 model year will cost $1000 to $2500 in full coverage insurance year. But compared to the $1,685 national average for all automobiles, insuring one of these sports cars will cost an additional $727 per year.

Which is the Most Expensive Sports Car to Insure?

According to Kelley Blue Book, The Maserati Quattroporte S GranSport is one of the highest costly sports cars to take insurance, with an average per year cost of $4,823. Maserati is a well-known exotic car maker whose cars are pricey and prestigious.

The Mercedes-Benz SL 63 costs $3,600 per annum for insurance, making it the most costly sports car. In comparison to the least expensive sports vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz SL 63 will cost an additional $1,970 per year in insurance.

How to Get Car Insurance for Exotic & Luxury Sports Cars?

Getting insurance for a high-end luxury sports car can be challenging, because of the high maintenance or repair cost. Most insurance agencies do not give insurance for high-end luxury sports cars like Porsche, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Ferrari, Bugatti, etc.

If you have any sports car from one of these brands, you might be able to get insurance through AIG or Chubb, etc companies.

If you have an old sports car then require a specialized insurance policy. Hagerty & American Collectors is one of the agencies that offer this kind of insurance.

The Benefits of an Independent Insurance Agent

Insurance arrangements can be technical. And going from one agency to another agency can be fairly irritating and time-consuming. The task of an independent agent is to streamline the procedure.

They deal with several insurance corporations regularly, so they are familiar with the benefits and drawbacks of each and can guide you through the good of options.

How Can Save Sports Car Insurance Rates?

You might be able to get discounted prices without compromising protection if you take full use of all the benefits for which you are eligible. While acquiring your sports car insurance coverage, keep an eye out for the following car insurance discounts:

  • Many insurance companies offer discounts for customers who participate in safe driving programs and refrain from traffic infractions and collisions for a specific time duration. Savings on your costs may be possible if you drive defensively.
  • Most insurance companies provide a bundling discount, which can save you money on one or both policies if you purchase house and auto insurance from the same agency.
  • Several insurance companies provide savings if your car has unique safety features. To find out if your car applies for a discount, look over the list of suitable safety features. Ask your provider if you are eligible for a special safety discount based on the features of your automobile since these could not as available in sports cars.

The Best Sports Car Insurance Quotes

An impartial insurance professional will examine your requirements and assist you in determining the kind of insurance for sports cars that is most appropriate for you. Later, to provide a variety of possibilities, they will begin shopping from some of the greatest businesses on the market.

Together with your agent, go through all the details, ask any questions you have, and then choose the one that is best for you.

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