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How To Watch World Cup 2022 on JioCinema Streams In India

How To Watch World Cup 2022 on JioCinema

The World Cup 2022 will be televised in India for the first time since via the Viacom18-owned online streaming service JioCineme. Amazingly, all Jio sim owners may get Jio Cinema’s world cup broadcast for free. In India, Viacom18 will also be carried on regular television.

How To Watch World Cup 2022 on JioCinema Streams In India?

Viacom18 in India owns JioCinema, an online video and streaming on-demand platform. Surprisingly, Viacom rushed the World Cup virtually for free on their internet portal after acquiring exclusive rights in India.

Anyone in India with a Jio sim card can access and JioCinema mobile apps to watch the World Cup for free. Those without Jio sim cards can purchase one, activate it for just 25 Indian rupees (USD 0.30), and watch the tournament live for free.

How To Open JioCinema Streams From Outside India For World Cup?

Many fans outside India will hope to watch the contest streamed live on JioCinema because it is free. A plus is that they also provide English commentary and coverage. We show you how to access their feeds if you’re not in India.

First of all, regardless of whether you are in India, you won’t be able to view JioCinema streaming if you can’t get your hands on a Jio Sim card or data plan. However, if you can obtain your hands on a JioCinema account with the aid of your Indian friend, all you need to do to bypass any limits is to use a VPN to change your device’s Internet address to that of India.

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Link to the Indian Server

  • Step 1: Access an Indian Internet address using your preferred VPN. 
  • Step 2: Go to or download their smartphone app after you are linked to an Indian IP address.

Get JioCinema Account

Step 3: Join JioCinema and watch live the streams for the 2022 World Cup.

If you do not even currently have a Jio account, you must create one. A Jio account costs about Indian Rs.200, but you need to be physically present in India to open one.

If you are an Indian traveling outside of India, we are confident that you can open or already have a Jio account, but first, you must change your IP address to India to unblock streaming. 


Is JioCinema available outside of India?

UsVPNsPN and an Indian IP address to access Jiocinema from outside India. But, to view streaming, you must have a Jio account.

Which channel is streaming World Cup In India?

JioCinema, an internet streaming service from Viacom18, offers free live coverage of the FIFA World Cup to Jio account subscribers.

Can I watch World Cup on Jio Cinema?

The sole Internet channel broadcasting the 2022 World Cup is Jio Cinema.

Can I watch World Cup on Jio Cinema for free?

Live broadcast of the FIFA World Cup 2022 will be accessible on the Jio Cinema app and site.

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