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How Much Do Big Bash League Players Get Paid Per Season?

How Much Big Bash Players Earn

The BBL has grown into one of the top cricket leagues in the world. It features several well-known cricket players from various countries, making the tournament an essential component of the Australian Board’s economy.

Big Bash made money from TV rights agreements and memorabilia sales, but the BBL players also get money by participating in the games. Here is all the data on the game fees and pay for male and female cricket players in the Big Bash League.

How Much Big Bash Players Earn?

The Big Bash League does not use the conventional draught and bidding method as the IPL and PSL do. Therefore, they keep in touch with and agree with the players. For the trophy, a total of 8 teams play.

Each team can field a roster of 19 players, counting 2 rookies and 6 foreign players. Yet, only three players may make up the starting 11 in a game. The women’s Big Bash League followed a similar pattern. Similarly, the processes for salaries and contracts are the same yet have different values.

Men Players Salaries In Big Bash League

Men Players Salaries In Big Bash League

Rookies Salaries

The maximum number of rookie players teams can sign is two who succeed in domestic competition. They do not earn contracts with long terms, although they get match money and team rewards. In addition to bonuses, the annual base pay for rookie players is $42k.

National Players

11 of the 19 athletes in the Big Bash League matches are Australian citizens. Also, the players under the national central agreement participate in the tournament. In the BBL, national players make an average pay of about $80k, with certain players making more.

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Overseas Players

Each team signs overseas players to improve their might and ability to win the trophy. As a result, they must pay them more than the other participants. In contrast to all additional bonuses, an overseas player makes an average salary of $150k. They also hold agreements with extended terms, in addition.

Women Players’ Salaries In WBBL

The WBBL, the only best female cricket competition, contains the best national and international players, exactly like the men’s league. Moreover, the gender pay gap means that their incomes do not match those of males. However, some succeed in earning significant sums for exceptional performances.

Women Players' Salaries In WBBL

Rookies Players

The team offers the rookie female players unworthy contracts, so they keep their $25k base pay. Clubs may terminate or extend their agreement with an increase in salary depending on how well they do in the tournament.

National Players

Mostly, all Australian women who play cricket compete in the competition for various teams. The value of their deals is based on how well they do in the games. The base pay for national team players is around $42k.

Overseas Players

A 19-member roster can have up to 6 foreign players, but only 3 can participate in a game simultaneously. Foreign players are among the highest-paid cricketers and are given big deals with the clubs.

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How Much is a BBL Contract?

Cricket scrambles for $30 million in salary money for BBL star in the Big Bash League 2022-23.

How Much Big Bash Players Earn?

In the Big Bash League, national players make an average pay of about $80k, with certain players making more.

How Many Foreigners Can Play in a Team in BBL?

Every side can only make three choices in the drafting since they can only feature a maximum of three foreign players in their Squad.

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