The Genesis Invitational Prize Money

The Genesis Invitational Prize Money

On February 16, the 2023 Genesis Invitational started to play. The game will be contested at the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles for the 60th time. The four-day “designated event” has already attracted the attention of their fans.

The world’s top golfers, including Xander Schauffele, Tiger Woods, Jon Rahm, Rory McIlroy, and others, are competing in the Genesis Invitational 2023 season. Scottie Scheffler is the previous tournament winner.

The Genesis Invitational Prize Money 2023

The total Genesis Invitational Prize pool for 2023 is $20 million including a $3.6m winner’s share, which corresponds to an 18% payout as per the PGA Tour’s prize money distribution formula.

The runners-up will put $2.18m prize money into his pocket. $1.38m will be received by the third-place player.

Standings Prize Money
Winner $3.6m
Runner-up $2.18m
3 $1.38m
4 $980k
5 $820k
6 $725k
7 $675k
8 $625k
9 $585k
10 $545k
11 $505k
12 $465k
13 $425k
14 $385k
15 $365k
16 $345k
17 $325k
18 $305k
19 $285k
20 $265k
21 $245k
22 $225k
23 $209k
24 $193k
25 $177k
26 $161k
27 $155k
28 $149k
29 $143k
30 $137k
31 $131k
32 $125k
33 $119k
34 $114k
35 $109k
36 $104k
37 $99k
38 $95k
39 $91k
40 $87k
41 83000
42 $79k
43 $75k
44 $71k
45 $67k
46 $63k
47 $59k
48 $55k
49 $53k
50 $51k
51 $50k
52 $49k
53 $48k
54 $47k
55 $47k
56 $46k
57 $46k
58 $45k
59 $45k
60 $45k
61 $44k
62 $44k
63 $43k
64 $43k
65 $43k
Total Prize Money $20m

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How Much 2023 Genesis Invitational Prize Money is Increased?

  • The prize pool for the Genesis Invitational was unchanged in 2020-21; the winners got $1.64m out of a $9.3m prize money.
  • The prize money was increased by the organizers in 2022, $12m was distributed to the golfers, and the winners’ portion climbed from $1.64m to $2.16m.
  • Genesis Invitation prize money has increased to $20 million in 2023, and the winner will receive up to $3.6m more than they did the year before.
  • The prize money for the Genesis Invitational has regularly increased over the previous two years, making it one of the richest golf PGA tours in a given year.
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